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Tips For Using Car AC In Hot Weather More Efficiently

Tips For Using Car AC In Hot Weather More Efficiently
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Using car AC in hot weather could be a tricky business because the air conditioning system gets a workout during the summer season. When the temperature rises so high that it seems to melt away even the asphalt on the road, you just want to turn the AC at a high speed, hoping to beat the heat. Most people don’t know how the system works, so they use it the incorrect way and burn more fuel than required.

Using Car AC In Hot Weather: Tips To Maximize The Performance

It’s a sunny summer afternoon and you just want to get home after your office. Well, get into the car and you will literally feel like being roasted inside an oven! It takes a few minutes for the AC to kick in and work in a full swing. However, you don’t need to sweat anymore as these tips will help to cool the vehicle faster. Let’s check some best ways of using car AC in hot weather.

Pump Out The Hot Air

using ac in hot weather
Opening the rear windows will pump out the hot air.

Nobody likes to sit inside an oven, even if it’s for just a couple of minutes. So, your first step is to cool off the interior (or getting the super-hot air inside the vehicle out). Before getting into the car, roll down the rear windows and successively open and close the driver’s door for several times. It will force out some hot air within seconds.

Pump Out More While Driving

The AC works much better while you are driving because is compressor runs faster with the rotation of the engine. Switching the AC on before driving will just be a wastage of time and fuel. Keep the passenger seat windows open for half a minute to pump the hot air out of the cabin. Don’t make the mistake of opening up the front windows because it will clear up the front side only while the rear cabin will still be hot.

It will be quicker if your automobile has a sunroof. While driving, keep it open for a minute and all the hot air will rise and get out through the hole.

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Turn On The AC At Low Speed

Using Car AC in Hot Weather
Set the AC at the lowest level at first.

You already know that the temperature inside a vehicle tends to be higher than the outside. Set the AC at the lowest temperature so that it draws air from outside the car and cools it down. On the flip side, turning it to the ‘Max’ will force the machine to take air from the passenger’s cabin, which is hotter than the outside air. So, the AC needs to work harder if you set it to the top speed at the beginning.

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Change The Dirty Filter

Using car AC in hot weather most efficiently does not only need tuning up the system but also checking on a few components. You won’t get the optimal airflow if the cabin’s air filter is dirty. Check it on a regular basis to see if it’s clear or collecting dirt. You will need to change it if it becomes grimy and greasy. It’s relatively easier to reach and change in newer cars, but you have to take the help of a mechanic in case of an older model.

The video will show you how to get Auto AC ready on hot summer days.

Turn off the auto system

The AC in newer vehicles turns off automatically when the engine is not running. It saves fuel but does not help in hot weather when a lengthy traffic light could make you all sweaty. Switch off the feature so that the inside is cool even when you have to stop the engine for a few minutes.

  1. Aleem khan says

    My ac works only on max setting (18°). If i move it to any other setting it blows heat. Can you tell me whats the problem. Nissan sylphy. Thanks

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    This is valuable information thanks. Please say something about service of throttle body.

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      We are glad that you like the article. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

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  6. Ssonko says

    Does Nissan hard body have cabin filters

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    1. Trang Tran says

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  8. Martin Gichuru says

    My name is Martin, I have a Nissan wingroad new shape, recently I went for a change of plugs and after removal cleaning and fitting back the plags , the dashboard indicator ‘ check engine’ indicator is always on.
    My question is what went wrong and how can that sign be made to disappear from the dashboard.

    1. Trang Tran says

      Thank you for contacting Car From Japan. However, we cannot answer your problem because there are many things we need to see at your car. I suggest you bring the car to a local mechanical shop to solve your problem.

  9. Bwalya Augustine says

    Thank you very much for the information. I ve known how to use the air-conditioning in the car. But my question is what makes the car consume more fuel when the a/c is on?

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  12. Saini Mateke says

    At what mileage should I change fan belt for Audi A6 2004 model?

  13. Dennis Taylor says

    Beautiful tips to maximize AC capacity and save fuel. Having a broken down air conditioner during hot weather when you’re in the middle of the road is such an terrible experience. It happened to me once on my road trip across my country when my RV air conditioner compressor not coming on. It took me almost one day to find the root and have the mechanics guy fixed it.

  14. Kyle Wayne says

    I never realized that turning the AC at top speed right off the bat isn’t always the best thing. My younger brother just got his car and is looking to get some new car air conditioning put in it. I think I will talk to him about working with a professional in order to get more helpful tips.

  15. Jay says

    I never thought about how just keeping the front windows open wouldn’t get the hot air completely out! That is quite a clever observation! I must try this out this summer. I hate a hot car.

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