[Infographic] Maintenance Tricks In Summer Drivers Must Know

Summer season is, without a doubt, traveling season. Sunshine, wonderful heat and relaxing moment lying at the beach are the reasons for many family trips. However, summer days are deadly with vehicle: Extreme temperature can not only crack pipes, hoses but also exhaust drivers. In order to enjoy a wonderful trips with your family and friends, drivers are recommended to take care their cars carefully. Here are 7 tricks to maintenance your car in hot summer days.

7 Tricks For Car Maintenance In Summer

Traveling in summer days can be dangerous sometimes. With the temperatures in many parts of the country sharply increase, it is wisely to understand the risk of broken tires, damaged batteries and overheated engines. Before hitting the road, car owners should know these summer maintenance tips.

Summer maintenance tips
These tips are essential for car owners in hot summer days – Credit Tuan Nguyen

Tip 1: Checking Air Conditioning

This is a very important step. No one wants to be stuck in traffic on a 100 degree day with a broken AC.

Tip 2: Check Your Tire

Check the tire tread, tire pressure is essential to avoid accidents from worn tires.

Tip 3: Check Your Brakes

Drivers should check the rotors and brake pads to ensure the brakes are still in the good shape.

Tip 4: Check Your Battery

Battery is the car parts that requires to change at least every 5 years. For that reason, drivers should check for corrosion and battery age.

Tip 5: Replace Windshield Wipers

Spring weather can be hard on wiper blades so car owners should change them when the weather is nicer. You will want them for random rainstorms.

Tip 6: Replace Air Filter

Replacing air filter will ensure clean, smooth air-flow inside your vehicle. This also helps keep your gas mileage high.

Tip 7: Radiator Flush

Coolant does not last forever and can coorode the inside of your radiator. Drivers are recommended to flush it away.


Spending time under the sun is bad for you as well as your vehicle, but if you take these precautions, you and your friends will definitely happier on the road this summer.  As the weather becomes hotter each day, it is important for car owners who go on vacation to remember these tips for a safety journey. Maintenance car in summer helps drivers save money for repairing and reduce the risk of fall breakdown.