The Effects Of Brake Fluid On Car Paint And How To Remove It

Every automobile manufacturer offers different recommendations about when to change the brake fluid. One can check the owner manual, or visit a reputed car expert to get the job done. Although the brake fluid is safe inside an airtight reservoir, at times moisture can cause the brake fluid to leak out and cause damage to the car exterior. It leaves drivers wondering as to what to do in brake fluid on car paint situation.

Know The Effects Of Brake Fluid On Car Paint Here

As a car owner, you need to check the level of brake fluid to keep the braking system running well. The brake fluid and car paint are a terrible combination. We recommend you browse online to know the best maintenance tips for keeping your car paint safe from damage. An accidental spill on the car paint can spell trouble. If you are going to do it by yourself, pay attention to the information below. One wrong move could end up damaging the car paint beyond saving.

Let us begin by first understanding what effects occur as a result of the accidental spilling of brake fluid on paintwork.

1. How Brake Fluid Damages The Car Paint?

You might wonder about how the brake fluid, an essential component of your car can damage its shine. The reason is the chemical makeup of the liquid, which contains glycol. These molecules perform a dual function, which makes the fluid effective at damaging coatings. The chemical reaction of glycol works similar to an aggressive solvent on the car paint.

The fluid breaks the coating layer leaving vertical marks or stripes while moving downwards on the car body. The worst-case scenario includes brake fluid eating through the car paint and exposing the metal of the car body. It is one of the effects of the brake fluid on car paint situation.

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2. How Much Time Before The Fluid Causes Permanent Damage?

Although the car would not have any problems, the longer the fluid sits on the paint, the more extensive damage it would cause to your vehicle. For those looking to know what does fluid do to car paint, we have compiled a timeline of the effects of brake fluid on car paint.

  • 5 minutes – dull marks occur with coating compromised in those spots
  • At ten minutes mark, you can see the stains, and the paint coat damaged
  • 30 minutes – you will notice stripes, which makes paint damage inevitable

We have the best tips to help you clean off the fluid before it damages the car paint permanently.

3. Blot The Brake Fluid

You should use a paper towel to soak up the maximum brake fluid. Do not try to wipe the liquid, as it will spread it and expand the area it can damage. Now, keep the towel on the spot and press lightly to blot up the fluid.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Brake Fluid On Car Paint
Do not try to wipe the liquid, as it will spread it and expand the area it can damage (Photo Source: autocar)

4. Wash The Fluid

Clean the spot off the car. Use a car wash detergent to clean the vehicle. Besides, use any soap to wash, as it is an effective brake fluid paint remover. Make sure to use a clean and wet sponge.

5. Rinse

Finally, flush the area with lots of water, as it will thoroughly remove the brake fluid and stop its paint corrosive effects.

Know Here About Brake Fluid On Car Paint
Everything About Brake Fluid On Car Paint (Photo Source: prettymotor)

Final Note

We hope this blog explained to you the results of brake fluid on car paint and how you can resolve this issue without much hassle.