How Often Should You Change Brake Fluid? Looking Into the Facts

One of the most ignored servicing; changing brake fluid tends to take a back seat. People are mistaken if they think brake fluid does not require flushing and change. The brakes being the most vital part of your safety require inspection from time to time. When confused about how often should you change brake fluid, read through the section below.

Clearing Your Doubts on How Often Should You Change Brake Fluid

Brake fluid or more aptly the hydraulic fluid smoothens the job of the brakes when applied. Over time, the brake fluid may absorb moisture from the environment thus would need flushing.

Changing brake fluid nowadays depends on the car’s manufacturer specifications. There include certain other factors too that require mention. Read on to find out more.

1. The Fluid Color

It is recommended to visually inspect the brake fluid, every two years or so. In case, the fluid does not appear to be transparent or clear; the fluid change would be needed. Visit a mechanic near you if the fluid is rust-colored or seems to be mud-colored.

The contaminated look of the brake fluid is due to the moisture accumulation from around the environment. The answer to how often should you change brake fluid is simple, believe your eyes more than what others recommend.

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2. Brake Pedal Feels Spongy

When a brake pedal loses its firmness or grip, the brakes are known to be “spongy” or “soft.” As a matter of fact, a car’s brake mechanism heavily depends on the hydraulic pressure system. It is the brake fluid that aids in maintaining the hydraulic pressure.

Doubts on How often should you change brake fluid
Change brake fluid when the Brake Pedal Feels Spongy (Photo Source: cartisan)

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Only the brake fluid should be present to undergo its operations aptly. In case, the brake fluid gets contaminated as the air fills in, brakes may get spongy. If you feel you are losing your control over the brakes, a brake fluid change is all that you need.

3. Abridged Brake Performance

When you experience a lag when you press down the brake pedal; you would need to look into the probable reasons. Have you experienced pressing on the brakes 2-3 times, before it halts? If, yes, then the possibility is that the brake fluid is the culprit.

This may happen due to external factors such as air and moisture entering the brake fluid system. When looking to how to change the brake fluid, refer to maintenance tips.

4. Manufacturer’s Recommendations

The last but not the least the specific manufacturer’s recommendations that come along in the manual are important. Most of the manufacturers suggest that brake fluid should be replaced every two years. On the other hand, regarding distance, 40,000 kilometers is the milestone after which you would require the fluid change.

One should keep in mind that every manufacturer has specific requirements that should be read through the user manuals.

Useful tips on how often should you change brake fluid
Knowing about how often should you change brake fluid (Photo Source: 5series)


This was all about how often should you change brake fluid. If still, you face any doubts or confusions, consulting a car expert is never too late. Always remember to undergo servicing though, as your safety is entirely in your hands.