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How to Do a Car Paint Scratch Repair

How to Do a Car Paint Scratch Repair
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Dents, scratches, chips, and other things caused by small accidents are just unavoidable. Nonetheless, these are minor problems as a careful car paint scratch repair can make them nearly invisible.

The car paint is a clear-coated catalyzed enamel that is hardened by different types of toxic chemicals. Let’s see how to fix deep scratches or chipped paint in a few easy steps.

How to Take Preparation for the Car Paint Scratch Repair

The first part of fixing any scratch – whether deep or shallow – is to prepare the paint for repair. You’ll need to wash the car with soapy water because a clean surface won’t let the dirt and dust to damage the exterior further. The next step is to sand the surrounding of the scratched area to make it smooth and look consistent. If it’s a small scuff or does not go deeper than the clear coat, apply toothpaste on it with a cotton swab. Finally, wipe the area with a clean piece of cloth to remove the flecks of paint and primer.

How to Fix Shallow Scratches

The quickest means of repairing such damage is to apply a car paint scratch remover. There are many good-quality kits are in the market that permanently removes small scuff marks. You have to use the repair and finish polish ingredients as per the instructions provided.

car paint scratch repair

Another way is to rub the affected area with a rubbing compound until the scratch completely disappears. Then, smoothen the area by scrubbing a thin layer of wax in a circular motion. Finally, wash the vehicle and wipe with a microfiber or clean cloth.

How to Fix Deep Scratches

Blemishes that penetrate the surface paint and primer will collect if not treated in time. For this kind of job, you have to purchase a touch-up kit that matches the original color of your car. Create a rough surface by rubbing off a scuffing pad on the affected area. It will help the paint to stick easily.

Now, use painter’s tape to cover the areas surround the spot so that they are safe from the sprayed paint. If the scratch touches the primer layer, apply a few coats of primer on it and let dry overnight.

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The next day dab a thin layer of touch-up paint on that spot and let it dry to the touch. You can apply several coats until it looks similar to the original body color. Let the paint dry up properly (it may take up to two days) and then spray a layer of clear coat onto it.

Your final task is to wax the area. You can use it only on the affected part or the whole vehicle.

car paint scratch repair


The paint of the car is a protective material that keeps the body safe from corrosion and rust. So, it’s important that you do the car paint scratch repair as soon as you any scuff mark or small damaged area.

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