Do Car Washes Ruin Car Paint – Get The Answer Here

A car owner spends a considerable amount of money on engine maintenance and service. The car paint is an essential component of your vehicle. One of the most overlooked parts concerning maintenance is, unfortunately, the car paint. Car owners often take their vehicle to the automatic car wash to get the car cleaned up. However, some might not realize that it is also the chief reason for the car paint getting damaged. At times, after a session of the full-service car wash, drivers often wonder as to do car washes ruin car paint.

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Do Car Washes Ruin Car Paint – Here’s The Answer

The automated car wash might seem like a good idea to save the time spent on cleaning the car by yourself, but is harmful for the paint on your vehicle. Hence, we recommend that you read below as to why a car wash is not a good idea for your car paint.

1. You Wash The Car With Actual Acid

From an ecological point of view, Hydrofluoric Acid is not only dangerous but also lethal. The “heavy cleaners” used at the car wash for removing the dust and dirt stains are not doing your car paint a favor. Moreover, the hydrofluoric acid content in the cleaners is so high that even health departments in certain countries have issued a warning against its use.

Answer to Do Car Washes Ruin Car Paint
Finding out Do Car Washes Ruin Car Paint (Photo Source: autobodyfremont)

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2. High Water Pressure Does Not Good

The car paint on your vehicle gives your vehicle a different look. However, a fast and powerful blast of water at the carwash will not only pressurize the paint but also peel it away.

3. Billion Small Scratches On The Car Paint

Even if the acid part of the car wash is ignored for a minute, the car paint is still affected with every single visit to the automatic carwash. The “soft” brushes, which rub against the car to clean the dirt, also rub on the car paint. These carry the dirt and dust from the car ahead of yours. Each time the brushes touch your vehicle, the dirt from someone else’s car also touches your car paint, not to forget the countless scratches it leaves on the car body.

4. Hand-Drying Is Not Good Either

Once your car passes the “soft” brushes of the automatic car wash, it is time for the human workers to work their magic on your vehicle with hand drying. However, a careful look at the cleaning rags would let you know how much clean your car would be. You definitely don’t know how many times the cloth accidentally dropped on the ground and how many vehicles were cleaned with the same cloth before.

Why Do Car Washes Ruin Car Paint
Do Car Washes Ruin Car Paint- Asking the experts (Photo Source: pakwheels)

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Summing Up

There is no doubt left in the fact that a single visit to the automatic car wash does more harm than good to the car paint. An important question to ask is do car washes ruin car paint? The answer is a big YES.