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Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem Uncovered

The brand new 4×4 from Japanese Automobile manufacturer, Suzuki, is Jimny. The car has garnered attention from car lovers around the globe with its retro look and impressive performance. Although sold under various names as Sidekick, Samurai, and Katana among others, Jimny has been available since the 1970s. However, there seems to be an anomaly affecting its reputation, which is the Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem.

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What Is Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem?

Although a powerful car to drive, the Suzuki Jimny has a flaw which could affect its popularity among 4×4 lovers, which is the Phantom Skid issue that occurred while driving under specified conditions. Under some cornering conditions, the Suzuki Jimny ESP system brakes an individual front wheel to correct a skid, which does not occur. It causes the car to rock from side-to-side as the front spring of the braked wheel compresses and expands with the pulsing intervention of the ESP. It can also affect one of the rear wheels.

1. The Model Which Had This Issue

The Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem occurred in the second-generation model of the Jimny, the 4×4. This model tops on sale within the UK. At least two cars reported that the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) led to distressing on-road behaviour of the vehicle in specific circumstances.

Effects of Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem
The model in the second generation had this problem

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2. What Does Suzuki Say Regarding The Issue?

The Japanese manufacturer clarified that the behavior had not appeared during the development and testing phase of Suzuki Jimny, including that on UK roads. It did not occur even during the international launch in Deutschland. However, once the company came to know about the issue; the company dispatched engineers to replicate the behavior but could not do it at the company’s facility in Japan.

In a public statement, Suzuki clarified that the continuous activation of the stability management system occurred during a specific road condition, the angle within the road, the slope, or incline and degree of the curve combined with a particular speed. It might be the scenario that the stability control might have been switched on, and the vehicle swayed outwards owing to this.

3. Final Verdict

During a test drive with the Chief Engineer Yonezawa, they drived the Jimny brisky. It was not like the situation which activated the erratic behavior. However, along an eight-mile road and on more extended section, the front wheel braked occasionally along with the offside rear wheel. The company has also cleared that intervention of the stability control system can lead to a slight discomfort to the driver. However, it would not disturb the direction of movement of the vehicle.

Old Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem
Adjustments have been made by the company’s engineers

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Summing Up

Therefore, the Suzuki Jimny Stability Control Phantom Skid Problem might affect the popularity of the Jimny temporarily. However, as far as the reputation of Suzuki goes, this issue would be resolved soon.


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