Pros And Cons Of Installing Iridium vs. Platinum Spark Plug In Your Car

Do you know that an engine runs on high voltage spark? Yes! The fuel and pressure blend inside the engine to move the car significantly. A car engine comprises thousands of small or big metal parts. The manufacturers merge these small parts to make the vehicle roar on roads. The spark plug and ignition coil produce high voltage electrical spark in the engine to ignite the fuel and form combustion pressure. This pressure inside the engine is the chief reason behind your long smoother drives. Numerous types of spark plugs are there from which Iridium, Copper, and Platinum top the list. All these types have their pros and cons. Going in-depth of Iridium vs Platinum spark plug will let us know some more about the electrical spark in your car.

Let us come across the pros and cons of using various metallic spark plugs in your car.

Iridium VS Platinum Spark Plug: Which One Is Better?

The production and utilization of high voltage current take place inside the Combustion Chamber. A metallic spark plug ignites the fuel vapor and air mixture to turn “ON” the engine. Spark plug and ignition coil produce high voltage spark inside the chamber to move the car. All the spark plugs have the same job of igniting the mixture inside the engine. The different types of metals used to design spark plugs have their advantages and drawbacks.

Let us talk about the pros and cons of various metal spark plugs.

1. Duration

Iridium spark plugs offer the longest lifespan to your vehicle. These spark plugs are well known for accomplishing the 50,000 miles mark without any issues.

Platinum-made spark plugs go a little longer than copper plugs but do not touch 25,000 miles. This is one of the chief differences between Iridium vs Platinum spark plug. Choosing Iridium spark plugs over Platinum ones would be the ultimate choice.

Facts about Iridium vs Platinum spark plug
Iridium spark plug lasts longer than Platinum one

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2. Performance

Iridium spark plugs are the widely used plugs in this day and age. The spark plugs made of other metals can result in shuddering engine start whereas Iridium plugs make the ignition smoother. With the expert maintenance tips, it results in better performance of the car.

Platinum spark plugs are not that much reliable compared to Iridium plugs. These result in a jerky engine start that affects the performance of the car for sure.

3. Price

Iridium spark plugs are a little more expensive than the copper and platinum ones. These plugs might be the pre-eminent spark plugs in the market, but these are highly expensive too. The price is another major difference when you compare Iridium vs Platinum spark plug.

Platinum spark plugs are a great choice when you look for the cheap and affordable spark plugs in the market.

How to choose Iridium vs Platinum spark plug?
Iridium vs Platinum spark plug regarding price

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In Conclusion

That’s all! These were some chief differences that come into the spotlight while comparing Iridium vs Platinum spark plug. Hence, keep these vital tips in mind to make your choice for an incredible worth of spark plug.