Effective Ways to Resolve the Subaru Backup Camera Issue

Any Subaru backup camera issue can cause serious problems for drivers as they need the rearview display for safety reasons. By learning about the standard solutions to this problem, you can resolve it without a mechanic’s help.

What Is the Subaru Rearview Camera?

A backup camera, otherwise known as a rearview observation camera, is a particular type of video camera available on the back of a Subaru vehicle. Generally, its location is in the rear center of the trunk cover. This camera helps to avoid collision during car backup.

However, this camera is not free from defects. The possible errors of this rearview camera are as follows:

  • The dashboard screen or rearview mirror shows “No Signal.”
  • Instrument panel screen or rearview display gives black-and-white static or flashing images.
  • The screen shows unusual colors blocking the camera view.
  • The display shows an entirely black screen.
 rearview observation camera
The rearview camera could develop several issues. (Credit: Subaru Australia / YouTube)

How to Resolve Subaru Backup Camera Issue

A basic understanding of a car’s electrical and electronic systems will help you in the troubleshooting process. The task also requires a standard set of tools, which are mostly available in household garages.

Clean the Camera

The display of the rearview camera could show unusual colors and blurry images due to dirt and soil.
Use a soft and wet cloth to clean the backup camera lens. Now, start the car and wait for all systems to sync. Then, try backing up the vehicle and check the dashboard or rearview mirror display.

If there is no video or any other error message showing up other than blurry video, move on to the next step.

Inspect the Fuse

The vehicle manual should mention the position of the fuse box for the rearview camera system. In most vehicles, all electronic circuit-related fuses are available under the steering wheel and most issues lie with the fuse connections of the vehicle.

If the fuse or a multiple fuse shows blown, they require replacement. At this stage, check with a mechanic or proceed to the next step.

Replace the Fuse

Fuses are available in any automobile spare parts shop. Get new ones from any of those shops but always check the model from the user’s manual or the previous blown one.

Discard the faulty fuse and plug in the new one. Now, start the vehicle and wait for all electronics to sync. Then, try backing up the car and check.


Checking Electronic Connections

It’s worth checking the wiring of the camera located behind the trunk panel. The wires may be worn out, and replacing them could fix the camera issue.

In case of no signal and static video issues, it is highly possible that the wiring from the camera to the dashboard needs a thorough inspection.


Troubleshooting any problem in a car needs a complete examination to find out the root cause of it. You may try the necessary DIY steps if the Subaru backup camera issue is not severe and if you have previous experience of doing such things. Otherwise, visiting a technician will be a wise move.