How To Install Wireless Backup Camera: The Straightforward Way!

Here is how to install a wireless backup camera guide for the DIYers or someone comfortable installing it by himself.

A backup camera or reverse camera is a type of camera that car or vehicle driver installs in the rear side of the vehicle. The camera lets them have a view of the backside of the car, so they won’t meet a collision. The camera directly shows what is behind your vehicle so you can drive accordingly and do not happen to be a part of an accident.

How to Install a Wireless Backup Camera: The Step by Step Guide

Well, installing a camera is not very much trouble as the manual already comes along. Even then, some new drivers or people find the step by step guide easier. You can also call the professionals or take your car to the repair shop and get it installed there. This would cost you the installation charges; if you are ready to pay, let the pros do the installation.

Pay installation charges, in case you want to call a professional
Read the manual provided to make things easier for you while installing the camera (Photo Source: youtube)

Tools You Would Need

  • To keep up with “how to install wireless backup camera, make sure you have these tools beforehand.
  • A screwdriver: It comes useful when you want to remove that license plate because the camera goes there
  • Pliers: You would need to handle a few wires and to cut them off, pliers are needed
  • The Camera: Of course the camera that comes with the camera kit to record the rear
  • The transmitter: This transmits the recording to the screen in the front so you can have the view
  • The rearview Screen: You would need this to watch the videos that the transmitter sends you through the wireless camera system


Getting on with the Installation Process

Let’s get on to the steps-

You first need to access the license plate and remove those screws of the License plate lamp. Use the screwdriver and be careful about the connection cable for not breaking it.

Once you remove the cable of the license plate, use the power and video cable of the transmitter system. Connect these cables with the given cables of the wireless camera. When you connect the cables, be careful about the positive and negative endings and put them rightly.

Put all the wires in a way that does not obstruct the transmission. Also, attach the wiring precisely, so there is no short circuit happens. When you close or open the tailgate of your car, the assembling should not come in the way.

It is time to connect the given monitor with the power supply. You can use the lighter and the attachment socket for the power to transmit where the receiver stays connected by the USB at the T connector. To make sure the power transmission does not leak, use a power tester, and this way, the battery won’t be misused.

Cross-check all the connections once you think the installation is complete. There should be no loose wire or disconnected cables. Confirm the camera position by turning on the screen, and the rear video should be visible clearly.

Before the installation process, remove the battery cable and make sure it stays in place. The cable should not touch the terminal, or it may be hazardous!

Tip: The video quality depends on the camera you choose; make sure it supports night vision too.

Tips on Parking a Car to Avoid Accidents

People often imagine those accidents taking place on highways or while doing rash driving. However, most of the accidents take place in the parking lots. It is as true as it is surprising; you safely drive all the way to the parking lot, and bam, you hit your car.

It is easier for car drivers to get rid of accidents when you have this camera installed in your car
With reverse camera, chances of accidents are lessened (Photo Source: istockphoto)

Well, you need to become a driver that does not just drive better but park better too. Let’s see how you can become an efficient driver-

Slow Down

This may be the most obvious thing to do; even then, people don’t get it. You need to observe your speed limit and understand parking is not a place to speed things up. No matter how much hurry you are in, always slow down while parking.

Don’t panic if something wrong happens to your car, use these Maintenance Tips and fix yourself!

Use Strategy

The strategy makes it even simpler to park your car every time without getting it damaged. Always maintain a safe distance in a way that you can draw your car forward without having to take it backward.

Avoid Distractions

You may be surprised again, but it is a fact, people collide the vehicle while parking when they are surrounded by distractions. Avoid using a cell phone, listening to music, or anything that is a distraction. It is just a matter of a minute to park your car; save your entertainment for later.

Alert Others

While parking your car, it is always wise to let others know that you are going to take the turn or use the space. It is not you every time, and you collide because of others as well. Keep this fact in mind, and it should be your responsibility to alert others to avoid any circumstances.

Tip: It is better late than never!

Keep Looking Behind

Of course, those rearview mirrors do a pretty good job to lets you know the rears. However, do not completely rely on them and keep looking behind your vehicle. Those rear cameras, too, should not be taken as the sole means while parking; look your sides and behind while doing the maneuver.

Installing a reverse camera helps in getting the proper view of the back of your vehicle
Rearview mirrors do a pretty good in giving you a clear view of the backside (Photo Source: istockphoto)

Also, while parking at night time, make sure you use a well-lit area. This way, your vehicle stays visible to other drivers, too, and they pay attention to parking by considering your car in the space.

Sometimes, you may think of parking a car at the end of the row. Well, this is not going to be a wise idea as it increases chances for other drivers to unknowingly hit your car.


You can enjoy a secure drive with a reverse camera installed in your car
A rearview camera is an excellent solution to those who have trouble parking the vehicle (Photo Source: adobe)

Due to the invisible rearview, cars often meet accidents or collide into something while parking. A rearview camera is an excellent solution that can keep you from all the mishappening.

We hope you are clear about “how to install wireless backup camera.” There are several YouTube video on the same where you can get a visual guide if you need.