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What Is The Standard 2 Car Garage Size?

The purchase of private vehicles is on the rise, and you need a garage to fit in those cars. If you are planning to build a new garage or willing to expand the current one for your second car, you must know how many square feet is a 2 car garage. By learning the standard 2 car garage size, you can build a breathable space for your cars. Though the car dimensions vary from one to another, the information will help you precisely estimate the size to fit your vehicles along with other equipment.

What Is the Standard 2 Car Garage Size?

The average (not the minimum) 2 car garage dimensions are 24 by 24 feet or 24 feet wide by 30 feet deep. The minimum dimensions, in this case, are 18 feet wide and 20 feet long, which will barely fit two cars that are 6 feet in width and 18 feet in length. In such a small garage, there won’t be enough space for storage, walking around, or opening doors.

2 car garage dimensions
The interior should have adequate space. (Source: PikRepo)

At the same time, you should consider the things you want to put inside the garage. If it has an average size, there will be space for carrying out some DIY tasks and storing things besides parking two vehicles.

Note: Garage dimensions usually refer to the external dimensions. To get the actual internal measurements, you have to subtract 6 to 8 inches from the given figures.

How Much Two Car Garage Square Footage You Need

After knowing the standard 2 car garage size, you must measure the square footage required for your cars. There is no better way to calculate this than measuring the two vehicles you will park inside this garage.

While the exact measurements will differ, vehicles of the same category usually have an average length. For example, small size pickup trucks will be 20 feet long while sedan cars (both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive) will be 14 feet long.

You have to give the width equal importance while calculating the dimensions. Plus, there has to be an extra 2 feet of space for opening and shutting the car doors, getting into or exiting the vehicles, and loading or unloading cargo.

So, include at least 30-inch of buffer space on both sides of the car while calculating the width. Also, keep in mind that even if you expand your garage dimensions later, there will be additional construction costs.

Lastly, you can add an extra two feet to the appropriate dimensions for stacking or shelving needs on the sidewalls or the rear wall. This extra space will allow using the garage for other activities too. For doing any repair or DIY work in your garage, it should accommodate you while standing with outstretched arms along both the axis. Those two extra feet will transform the garage into a multifunctional place.


How to Expand the 2 Car Garage Size from Inside

If you do not have adequate ground space to increase your garage size, get more storage space inside the garage with the following approaches:

  • Make use of the wall by affixing a shelf.
  • Build higher walls to increase the height.
  • Install an attic truss in your garage that comes with a complete stairway and a floor space that offer extra storage space.
  • You may even construct a full second floor inside the garage. Also, consider having dormers that will offer extra room for a small workspace or an apartment space. With this, you may have the same ground cover, but more interior space for any work you wish to do.

Check Out the Rules and Restrictions of Your Locality

Before initiating the project of building or renovating a two-car garage, you must confirm that it adheres to all the local rules and restrictions.

Most municipalities have ordinances for supervising garage construction and renovation projects. One such example is local laws that will ask the lot owners to keep a distance of around 10 feet or so from the nearest property line.

how many square feet is a 2 car garage
There could be local laws about the size of two-car garage. (Source: Martin Vorel / LibreShot)

Most of the municipality laws do not explicitly limit the dimensions of the garage. But, the laws can affect plans on the smaller lot. Before you begin garage related work, make sure to recheck the requirements for your property.

Also, remember to check the rules of your local homeowner association. There can be restrictions about various aspects of a car garage, like maximum and minimum size, construction materials, roof pitch, etc. Even if the covenants are not state laws, the Homeowner Association of America (HOA) always enforces these strictly. Failing to follow these rules will warrant a steep fine.

Final Words

With the latest addition of a car, you will have to build a new two-car garage or expand the existing garage. For both tasks, knowledge about a standard 2 car garage size is essential. It will enable you to construct the perfect two-car garage that has the necessary space for other activities too.

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