Garage Essentials: The Importance of Owning These 6 Must-Have Tools

While some people use a garage as a storage area for bits and pieces of scrap, other people transform it into a workspace for fixing things, working on their cars or building items from scratch. Depending on the use of the garage, the tools you’ll need will differ; however, here are 6 essential tools that every garage should have: 

Automotive tools

If there’s something wrong with your car, you’re more than likely to store it in the garage until you manage to fix it. That’s why it is essential to have a variety of automobile resource that can help you get the job done. Items such as hoists, jacks or lifts are essential tools that will give you the opportunity to work on small jobs that you can actually do yourself. Whether you have a flat tire or need to lift the car to have a look underneath, these tools will definitely come in handy and will save you a trip to a mechanic when you know you can take care of the problem on your own.

While there are a variety of different tools you can use, the hoists will always come in handy when you need to hook something heavy and lift it up. A jack will allow you to lift the car up and sometimes even comes with jack support to hold the car in place when lifted and many other tools such as winches and cranes that can also be used for automotive devices. In all cases, having these tools in your garage will not just allow you to save time, but will also save money when getting the smaller problems fixed yourself and not having to wait until a professional is free to have a look at it.

car repair
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You’ll never know when it will come in handy, but there will always be something around the house or the garden that needs a screwdriver. While there are many different types of screwdrivers, there are sets that allow you to have the right screwdriver for each nail. If you’re fixing a cabinet, you’ll probably need a slotted screwdriver to ensure that the hinges have been fixed properly. For each different household unit, a specific screw is used and in turn, will need its parallel screwdriver. However, you don’t have to own every single screwdriver there is, but can just have different bits that can be changed according to the device needed, allowing you to be a great handyman around the house.

A ladder

Owning a ladder is essential for any home, but always tends to take up more space than needed inside the house. As it is not used often, it is a great tool to store away in the garage and resort to it when you need to check the rooftop, clean the gutters or just get a hold of something you are unable to reach. You can also have different ladder heights to be used for various purposes, as the smaller ladders can be significantly used in a kitchen to reach higher shelves or to get a specific book from your bookshelf. You’ll always find that a ladder comes in handy and is a lot safer, secure and user-friendly than standing on a chair or table and being and putting yourself in danger. 

Fire extinguisher

You never know what could go wrong and it’s important to always be prepared for the worst. Especially when tools, machinery, and closed space is involved. If a fuse ends uplighting or a machine explodes, having a fire extinguisher can not only allow you to save the situation at hand in an instant but will also save your life. It is also essential to have a fire extinguisher nearby in case any safety hazards occur in the house, it will be a great headstart to use the fire-extinguisher until the fire brigade comes to the rescue. That way you have a better chance of saving your property and your loved one from any harm. Like they say, It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

fire extinguisher
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There are times when you’ll find that you have to work in the garage at night and whether you’re working on a project from scratch or just fixing something in your car, you’ll need a light source to better visualize the area you’re working on. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself needing to reach under the car and take a look at a problem, or search for tools in a corner where the lights are dim and having a torch will help solve that problem. It is also important to have a torch that you can make use of when there’s a power cut or if you’re going hiking or camping. Keep it safe in your garage and you’ll definitely find quite a lot of uses for it. 

Safety Gear

While working in the garage, it is essential to always keep not only the environment itself safe, but keep yourself also protected. Always have your safety glasses when working with any type of machinery to keep your eyes away from danger. Have your safety equipment within reach in a specific area, so you don’t waste time having to look for them, or take the risk of working without them. Even if you’re not going to spend a fortune on safety gear, you should at least have safety glasses, safety goggles and leather gloves for the minimum amount of protection. You can also invest in ear muffs or earplugs that will protect your ears from the sound of heavy machinery and a face shield to protect you from the sparks or chemicals when working on a project. It’s also a good idea to have a first aid kit nearby, just in case anything goes wrong. 

Because a garage can be your own safe space to use on personal projects, storage or any hobby or interest you might have, it is important to always have the right tools around which will not only make your life easier, but also keep you safe in times of crisis or keep you out of harm’s way.