Smart Steps To Change Carpet For Your Car [8-Step Guideline]

Besides from many ways to keep your car in tip top condition, a shining carpet plays a huge role in impressing those passengers whom you give a lift. Replacing the carpet can be surprisingly easy if car owners understand the right order that related items needed to be removed. To make sure you can save a lot of time when taking care of your beloved car and enjoy driving anytime you get on your car, we are here to show you the smart steps to change car carpet:

Guideline For Drivers To Change Carpet

Replacing car carpet is not a complicated task, yet many drivers might take hours to remove the rug from their vehicles and be also struggling to apply the new one in the position. In order to perform the replacement, let’s first list out the required “weapons”:

                      + Torx Drivers

                      + Basic Hand Tools

                      + Ice Pick

                      + Sharp Knife

When all the important tools are in your hands, it is time to jump right in and change your nasty carpet. Here we go:

Step 1: Take Out The Front Seats

Remove front seat
Removing the front seats is the first thing to do (photo source: Lonie Sanford/Youtube)

In most cars, the front seats are attached by 4 points to the car floors. To take the seats out, drivers must remove this 4 bolts: Take a careful look at the floors to locate the bolts then remove them one by one. After that, drivers should slowly take the seat outside of the car.

Step 2: Remove the Back Car Seats

Remove back seats
The back seats are usually easier to remove (photo source: Mobile auto valet deluxe)

These seats are a little different comparing with the front seats. Car owners can remove it by grabbing the corner and tugging upwards. There might be latch or clip in the center of the seats, so it is necessary to check it with a flashlight if the outside is lack of light. In some modern cars, there will be a push pin to release the seats.

Step 3: Remove Seat Belts 

remove seat belts
Seat belts are easier to remove when car seats are all taken out (photo source: BMAC VAGS/Youtube)

Seat belt is the second item that need to be taken out. With old car models, one side of the belts will be connected with the frame rail, while the other side to the floor. After removing the seats, the attaching bolts will be exposed and it is easier to remove both of the belt sides.

On cars with shoulder harnesses, the problem becomes easy as cake: All you need to do is to remove one side of the seat belts.

Step 4: Remove Kick Panels And Sill Plates

Remove Sill Plates
In some models, you need to remove these to take the sill out (photo source: Luke @ AutoInstruct)

Removing kick panels and sill plates are the last steps to change carpet. It is recommended to start with the door sill plate: Hold the screws to the body and use a screwdriver to slide to the end to remove it, then pry up so the panel can come loose. Car owners can repeat with the other end as well.

With the kick panels, it is a little different for every types: Car owners must check the push pins, then pry them up. Drivers should begin by removing the attaching screws, but in some case the trim on the door will have to be taken out first. Too much force is forbidden, since there might be something in there.


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Step 5: Remove The Old Rug

Remove old carpet
The car floor will be like this

With all the parts removed, drivers can pull the center out of the car and lay it on the ground. You can put the new carpet on it, since we need both of them for the next action.

Step 6: Cut Holes In The Carpet

Car carpet
Cut Holes In The Carpet is necessary for the reinstall later (photo source: classiccarsandtools)

Since we have both the carpet, let’s take notice of the hole location, shape and size. Car with center consoles will have brackets mounted, so car owners must cut a long slit over them. You can also start from the edges or rear, but remember to check the first cut carefully before continuing the next cut.

Step 7: Install The New Carpet

Car carpet
Do the final check after reinstalling. (photo source: Classic Car Restoration Club)

Check the second time to see if the new carpet fits the vehicle floor as you like or not. Remember to counts the total hole. If everything is perfect, drivers can happily install the new mug on and continue to the final step.

Step 8: Reinstall The Seats And Other Items

As how we remove the car parts, drivers can reinstall following the opposite order: Kick panels, sill plates, seat belts, rear seat, then front seats. And congratulations, you have successfully change your car carpet!