[Infographic] Secret Maintenance Car Tips For Fall

Believe it or not, fall is the most important season for car maintenance. The weather becomes cool ,windy and the day also shorten. This is the perfect opportunity to give your car a check before the winter starts. Here is the fall maintenance tips for car owners.

8 Tips For Car Maintenance In Autumn

It is necessary to get your vehicle prepared, not only for fall but also for the coming of harsh winter ahead. As the sudden drop in temperature makes an impact on engine and car parts, drivers should spend time to take care of their cars right after summer season.

Fall maintenance tips
In order to run smoothly in fall, your car might need these following tips – Credit Tuan Nguyen

Tip 1: Check Your Spare Tire

It is necessary to check tire pressure and make sure you have all the tools for changing a tire on the side of the road. Spare tire is an important part.

Tip 2: Check Your Tire Pressure

Tip pressure fluctuates with outside temperature: For every 10 degree change in tmp, tire pressure changes by 1 psi. So do not forget to check the tire pressure.

Tip 3: Get A Pressure Test On Your Cooling System

Drivers must check for leaks or cracks in your coolant system which keeps your car from overheat and freezing.

Tip 4: Check Antifreeze Levels

Hot weather can cause the radiator to lose fluid so car owners might want to make sure the antifreeze levels are ready for cold weather.

Tip 5: Check the heater/defroster

After months of not being used, the heater and defroster can stop working, but they are needed for cold weather.

Tip 6: Check your headlights

In autumn, the night starts earlier and more driving will be done in the dark. Drivers must ensure headlights and brake lights work to avoid tickets and dangerous situations.

Tip 7: Check the battery

The heat from summer can cause the battery fluid to evaporate and corrosion on the posts. Cold weather is harder on the battery and if it is not in a good shape, you might have problems.


Good drivers always maintenance their cars no matter what season it is. In order for your vehicle to run smoothly and guarantee driver’s safety, taking care of the car following schedule is essential. It helps the engine runs perfectly and maintain car ages. Besides from basic rules in maintenance, drivers should remember these following tips to keep cars in their best condition.

Also, maintenancing vehicle in autumn also save a lot of maintenance fee for drivers. It not only renews your car in current season but also prepares for the upcoming winter days.