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7 Strange But True Ways To Keep Your Car In Tip Top Condition

Having a personal vehicle in an urban setting is a common scenario, especially if the public transportation is not close to your living place. But, owning a car can be expensive since most people are ignorant about basic maintenance and repairs. However, the truth is keeping the car in a tip top condition is not tough. You just have to be careful and keep a tab on its status on a regular basis.

How to Maintain Your Car to Preserve the Tip Top Condition

You may find loads of car maintenance tips online suggesting the best ways to take care of your treasured property. However, these are rather weird but effective ways that cost nothing to little.

Peel off stickers with wet newspaper

Any label can set into the glass like super glue. The dry glue remains on the surface even if you peel it off. You can soak a newspaper into warm water and press it on the sticker for ten minutes. It will come off nice and easy.

Organize the gadgets with sticky pads

Keep the phone and tab on the dashboard is risky because a sudden break will leave them all scattered on the floor. The glove compartment could be an option, but it may muffle the ringtone. Sticky mats are the right solution to keep all the gadgets organized on the dashboard. You can also use them for mounting the GPS to the windscreen.

Organize the gadgets with sticky pads
Keeping all the gadgets organized on the dashboard makes your car tidier. 

Absorb moisture with litter crystals

If the windows get foggy because of excessive moisture inside the car, some cat litter crystals can solve the problem. Choose the anti-bacterial one because it’s super absorbent and does not leave any cat smell. Take one sock and fill it up with crystals. Tie a knot so that they won’t come out. Place it on the dashboard or underneath the seat. It will remove any moisture and eliminate damp odor. It will also clean up the windows and prevent them from further misting up.



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Freshen up the interior with herbs

Car fresheners cost a good amount of money. Use something cheap and organic instead. Have you ever thought of using herbal tea or basil leaves to freshen your car? Wrap a tea bag of your favorite flavor into a mesh cloth and hang from the rearview mirror. You can also banish bad odor by covering basil leaves into a piece of paper and keeping them underneath the seats.

Bring back the shine with hair conditioner

You typically need to wax the car to make it shine like new. But, a hair conditioner containing lanolin will do the same job too. You just have to wash the vehicle with that conditioner mixed with water.

Clean the windshield with Coca-Cola

A dirty windshield is not good news. You can get rid of the mess by pouring Coca-Cola all over it. The acidic ingredient in that soft drink will fizz away the grime. However, don’t forget washing it thoroughly with clean water later.

Get rid of dirt by soft drink
Grime would be eradicated by a coke. Source:

Make a washing fluid with vodka

Mix three cups of vodka with two teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent and four cups of water to make a solution for the windshield-washer reservoir.


These seven hacks will make driving a better and more pleasant experience by keeping your car in a tip top condition. Apart from making life easier, these will also save a few bucks along the way.

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