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How To Prevent Brakes Smoking

Brakes smoking are not exactly a frequent problem, but they do occur. There are two primary causes of such a problem. Firstly, you might have left the emergency brake on when the car was in full swing. Secondly, you have installed new front brakes in your car, and they are on the verge of breaking-in. Aside from these, brakes smoking could be the result of many other reasons. The guideline below will be telling you in detail the reasons behind brakes smoking and how to fix burning brakes.


Burning brake smell as a result of emergency brake

Brake pad smell can occur if you keep the emergency brake on while driving the car, as it overheats the rear brakes. As soon as you sniff smell burning brakes, disengage the brake. If it took you long to notice the brake pad smell, have the brakes inspected by a mechanic.


New brakes breaking-in causing brake pad smell

How To Prevent Brakes Smoking

After you have installed new brakes, they may smell for the first two hours from installation. This is the exact time when the new brakes break-in. A continuous smell however means that there is a problem. Maybe the person responsible for installing the new brakes did not go through the due process to change the brake pads. The only way to get rid of burning brakes in such a circumstance is replacing the brakes for good.


Other causes of burning brakes

If you don’t find any of the above-mentioned reasons responsible for brake pad smell, then you need to do further investigation. Use a car jack to place the rear wheels slightly above the ground. Now set the car in neutral and try to spin the rear wheel. If the wheels are not spinning, clearly the brake is engaged.

The another way to trace a problem is driving the car in a straight line. As soon as the car reaches the 30 mph mark, remove the foot from the accelerator. If the brake is stuck, it will force the car to slow down so quickly.