Must Have Tools for Garage: A Comprehensive List

If you own a car and prefer to do the small repair jobs at home, you should need some equipment and tools. The collection should depend on the types of repairs but there are some must have tools for garage that every car owner should have.

A Comprehensive List of Must Have Tools For Garage

To prepare a garage for the basic car repair work, you should have these items on this garage tools list given below.

Work Lights

You can’t inspect any mechanical issue without good lighting. This genuinely comes first under the essential garage tools as it is invaluable to any mechanical activity.

Fire Extinguisher

Even if you don’t keep the other must have garage tools, you should have a fire extinguisher because this one is directly related to your safety.

First Aid Kit

We won’t say much about it except that you should have one in your garage.

Battery Charger and Maintainer

This is to make sure that your car battery is always topped off.

Socket Set

You need a socket set because you have to deal with various nuts and bolts during repair work.

Garage Workbench

Workbench is one of the best garage tools. It provides necessary space during a fix and ensures safety during a risky work.



Sometimes you have to check the voltage of the electrical circuits and components. This tool is essential for that task.

Flexible Funnel

It will render oil changing easier since you can bend it in whatever way you like.

Impact Wrench

To yank a jammed nut or bolt, this tool will help you to put the required pressure.


Any activity under your car will be less strenuous with a creeper.

Wheel Chocks

This is required for preventing your car from displacing when performing wheel repairs.


Save your hands from any potential damage in the process of a fix. They are customary in the must have tools for garage.

Tire-pressure Gauge

This tool is your savior for measuring and getting the right air pressure in the wheels.

Tire Inflator

You will need this to seal and inflate the tire immediately.

Floor Jacks

These floor jacks are crucial while working on a single corner of a car.

Jack Stand

This will come handy to lift any weight in the process of safe fixing.

Bolt Extractor

It’s not unusual to find a broken bolt. This tool will save your day to remove an impaired bolt.

Pegboard Organizer

With this, there will be no chance of losing smaller tools. Besides, finding tools won’t be a hassle anymore as they will be organized on the board.

essential garage tools
A Pegboard Organizer (Source: Let Ideas Compete / Flickr)

Air Compressor

You can generate air on-site with this device. You can control the uses and quality of the air with this. Normally, drivers use air compressor to inflate car tires.

Pressure Washer

You are supposed to use salt water on some parts of your car in winters. Do it flat-pack effortlessly with the help of a pressure washer.

Final Words

Do your shopping according to this list and you will have the necessary tools at your disposal during an overhaul. Knowing the proper uses of these tools will save you a boatload of money on visits to mechanics.