Why Are Modern Cars Designed With Useless Bumper Covers?

Afterthought- This one word solely defines bumpers in the car. Why would anyone have thought of adding this to the car in the first place? Well, car manufacturers integrated this into the vehicle, and there was a specific reason for doing so. Bumper covers have always been in existence, and it seems that even modern cars are not getting rid of it. Have you ever thought why modern cars designed with useless bumper covers?

Well, the answer is simple, and here it is:

Why Are Modern Cars Designed With Useless Bumper Covers? The Answer!

While there are some obvious reasons, why they are still designing those otherwise called useless bumper covers, it is the right time to delve deeper into some more new reasons.

1. Protection Against Collision

The reason why they started incorporating it into the vehicles was because they wanted to protect the cars. And, perhaps this is the main reason why they are doing it even today. So, let’s suppose that your vehicle has bumped into the wall or collided against something, will it be safe after that? Well, the answer is absolutely no! It would crash into pieces, turning your vehicle into utter junk. For that particular safety, manufacturers are still using these bumper covers on the vehicle with the motive to provide the utmost protection against such accidents. This is why you see modern cars designed with useless bumper covers.

Reduce damage from car slamming (Photo Source: motor1)

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2. The Material Absorbs The Energy

Another important reason why modern cars still have bumpers is that its material secures you against the possible damage when a collision happens. Bumpers are made either of plastic or maybe with some other solid substance including steel or aluminum. This creates the support or the back up when something unwanted happens to the vehicle. Some other materials like polypropylene even tend to soak up energy during impact. So, in case, these covers were not securing your car, there would have been no security or safety in such crucial conditions. These covers will secure your engine, making it a safer vehicle for you

3. Safety With Style

Of course, this adds to the style and design of the vehicle. Modern cars today are coming up with so many innovative and extraordinary bumper cover designs that people don’t mind purchasing it. Besides, the added safety is also a gain from cars that have bumper covers attached to it. In short, cars that have bumpers are a symbol of style and safety altogether. Maybe some people may not find it useful, but some others will surely find the reason why car manufacturers are incorporating this thing in modern vehicles. Also, it even depends on how you follow the maintenance tips given by the experts to keep your car safe and secure.

Stylish and secured at the same time (Photo Source: keralapool)

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Wrapping Up

Many people ask why modern cars designed with useless bumper covers are still being made. And perhaps this is an accurate answer to them. Bumpers offer safety and style to the car and even save it from time to time. Definitely, it is going to charge you some money, but undoubtedly, life is more important than money. So, why not invest some money to secure your life against accidents with modern cars having bumpers.