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How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage -The Tips and Tricks

People avoid going out in the sun for their skin may tan. Though nonliving, cars need sun protection too. If you want your car to feel cool and look good, keeping it away from the sun rays becomes essential. You may be confused about how to protect your car from sun damage.

Prevent the damage while you can, because curing may cost you a fortune. Read on to find out how to avoid the adverse consequences.

How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage – A 4 Step Process

Be it the exteriors or the interiors; sun can lead to damage you may find difficult to overcome. Studies indicate that sun exposure can lead to heating up of exteriors and interiors to as much as 2000 F and 1450 F, respectively.

Follow the 4 step process to help your cars stay cool even in summers.

1. Keep a Check on Fluid Levels

Maintaining the appropriate coolant levels becomes necessary in summers. It is not the only fluid though that needs to be checked upon. Scrutinizing engine oil and transmission fluids also become a must job as far as hot weathers are concerned.

Keeping optimal levels of the mentioned fluids can help avert overheating of parts and the subsequent wear and tear of your car. Longevity is the key objective when how to protect your car from sun damage is in question. Remember to feed your car with optimal fluid levels.

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2. Shade Parking

This is the primary step that can help you save the day. Shade parking is one of the smartest moves you could take. Park your cars in roofed parking when going to work or a shopping mall. When back home, prefer parking your car in a garage. If you don’t have garage space look for a tree shade, you could park your cars under.

Finding out how to protect your car from sun damage
How to protect your car from sun damage by Shade Parking (Photo Source: amazon)

By relying on shade parking, you can certainly help car’s exteriors and interiors from getting hot. When you come back to your car, you would notice the change for yourself.

3. Car Rinsing

If not on a regular basis, weekly washing of cars can help it maintain its cool in summers. You could do it yourself rather than adding up to cost by taking it to wash centers. If you have a busy schedule, just splashing water would be more than enough every alternate day or so.

In case you have some time during the weekends, sponge the exteriors with special car wash detergent. Wash every possible part such as tires, windows, exteriors, and windshield. As far as interiors are concerned, use cleaners applied on a soft cloth to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. Refer to maintenance tips when you wish to know the tips for a proper car wash.

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4. Wax Your Car

Waxing your car is a task to be undertaken at least twice a year. Remember to use good-quality car wax as it can even last ten months in a row. Wax provides a protective film that locks-in the car paint’s natural oil. This protection coat battles the exterior factors that may ruin your car’s exterior.

Tricks to know how to protect your car from sun damage
Polishing the car to protect it from sun damage (Photo Source: auto)

Be it dust, scratches or sun rays damage; wax can help you avoid everything. Your car would shine bright and would look unaffected by anything that may hamper the exteriors.


Now that you know how to protect your car from sun damage, the economical way; try and retain your car’s performance and shine in summers. A little prevention can help you beat the summers like a pro.

  1. Kelvin says

    Very helpful information. Thanks.

  2. John says

    I live in a very hot place and I see especially old cars having sun damage.
    Most people are not aware potential effects of the sun.
    Thank you for this informative post!

  3. Mark James says

    This is the best guide to Protect Car from Sun Damage . You shared an informative article i was seeking this tips.

  4. George says

    I hate sun damage as much as I hate bird poop damage.
    Thanks for making us aware

  5. Jaime Jacky says

    Hi, Tsukasa Azuma! I have read your article, it is very useful! thank you!!! I have a more economical way and apply to places where there is no parking lot that is used to cover the car.

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