Professional Tips On How To Start A Flooded Engine

We all have a friend who had flat tires, and a smoking car engine right under the sun stuck in the middle of nowhere. On a sunny day, when you decide to go for a long drive on the highway, and suddenly the car breaks down in the middle of the road. We recommend that you browse online to learn  issue of how to start a flooded engine.

At one point or another, every driver has faced this issue when the car refused to start owing to a flooded engine. It is a wise decision to know the maintenance tips for engine to avoid such situation in the future.

In this article, we will share with you the perfect solution on how to fix a flooded engine and keep your car engine in top-notch condition.

The Process On How To Start A Flooded Engine

An engine becomes flooded when the fuel overcomes the car engine. It happens due to a poor mixture of the fuel with air, which occurs when the driver hits the gas pedal hard. When the driver turns the ignition, and the vehicle fails to start; it is a reliable indicator that the engine might be flooded.

1. How To Identify A Flooded Engine?

In case, the driver does not hear the engine starting; there is a high chance that the engine is already flooded. The second indicator is that there would be dark smoke coming from the vehicle’s exhaust system. Professionals recommend not starting the car engine if any of the above happens. It is an essential point in understanding how to start a flooded engine to avoid this issue.

How to Start a Flooded Engine
How to Start a Flooded Engine in the right way (Photo Source: oldcarsremoved)

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2. How To Start A Flooded Engine?

The best solution for a flooded car engine is time. You can open the hood of the car and let the excessive fuel evaporates. After around 20 minutes, try to start your car once again without hitting the gas pedal. In case the vehicle does not start, you might have to check the spark plugs.

When the excessive fuel has flooded the engine, it can soak spark plugs, thus making them unable to create enough sparks to start the car engine. In case, the car engine floods now and then, you would need to check the fuel injectors and use the fuel injector cleaner.

Remember, the end goal is to re-establish the fuel to air ratio in your vehicle. The other thing you need to remember is to keep the gas pedal to the floor and restart the engine. Do not pump the gas pedal, as it will only bring more air into the engine to balance out the excessive fuel.

How to start a flooded engine of your car
Ways to know how to start a flooded engine (Photo Source: fastnlow)

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Summing Up

All in all, in case your car engine fails to start, the aforementioned solution would help you clear the engine of the imbalanced air to fuel ration. It is the best for such issues as how to start a flooded engine in your vehicle.