13 Common Mistakes That Shorten the Life Of Your Car

These days, the car manufacturers have raised the bar of invention and technology by creating world-class vehicles. Professionals equip the automobiles with latest design and appearance. Nothing can match the eminence and features of modern vehicles, from which safety of the people sitting inside remains the priority. An automobile requires appropriate maintenance and care to roar on the roads for long. On time repairs and servicing is the foremost way to increase the life of your car.

Moreover, caring for it on daily basis would also assist in the same. Do you care for the vehicle as it is to be done? If yes, then let us prepare the list of mistakes you do on the daily basis that result in shortening the lifespan of your vehicle.

13 Common Mistakes That Shorten The Life Of Your Car

Automobiles need suitable caring to function properly and run for long. A car augments your long drives in the way nothing else cannot. A vehicle comprises hundreds of small and big components bound together as a machine. These components can shorten the life of your car if not taken care on time. Numerous parts and areas in a car require regular maintenance and servicing to run like new for years. A car is one of the chief investments for most of the people nowadays. But, one might be doing the most common mistakes while driving through the roads that result in shortening the life of the car. It can be unintentional, but these mistakes will hurt your car for sure. So, why do not we prepare the list of mistakes you often do while driving?

The list of mistakes starts here:

1. Using Cheap Quality Gas/Fuel

Filling the fuel tank of your car with cheap quality fuel or gas is one of the biggest mistakes that shorten the life of your car. Using top-rated fuel would add some more years to its presence on the road. A cheap grade oil or gas will harm the engine and its components by making it fragile. It will decrease the performance and mileage of the car as well. Make sure to top the car with top-rated fuel only.

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2. Using Inappropriate Parts

Replacing the engine components with inappropriate ones can lessen the life of your car. Spark-plugs, transmission box components should always fit perfectly.

3. Heavy Foot On The Brakes

Putting a heavy foot on the brakes will harm the brake pads and rotors. It will then ask for replacement more often. Do not put heavy pressure on the brake pedals while driving.

4. Improper Alignment Of The Tires

Alignment of the tires can make a huge impact on the car performance. Inappropriate alignment of the tires can result in imbalance causing road accidents as well. Moreover, it makes a great impact on the fuel economy too. So, ensure to check the alignment of your car.

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5. Missing The Servicing & Repairs

Car needs servicing and repairs on time to enhance your long-drives for long. Missing the professional services can result in shortening the life of your car. Moreover, missing the timely repairs might hurt the engine costing you to fortune. Therefore, opting for expert maintenance tips would be great for appropriate caring of the vehicle.

6. Resting Hand On The Gear Shifter

One might hold the gear shifter unintentionally for long while driving. This issue is with manual transmission vehicles. You should avoid resting hands on the shifter to avoid the transmission components troubles.

7. Not Checking Various Levels

Regular checking all the levels of the vehicle will make sure the engine and its parts are working perfectly. And, this is the thing most people avoid. A car is just a machine integrated with several small and big parts. Checking the levels habitually will make you stay away from troubles.

8. Not Changing The Engine Oil

It is strongly recommended to change the engine oil after a certain period. And, this is what most of the people forget. Make sure to replace the engine fluids on time.

9. Accelerating In Cold Engine

Accelerating the car engine while it’s cold can reduce some years from the life of your car. Avoid full-throttle-acceleration as an engine needs a little time to heat up.

10. Running Car Without Fuel  

Driving the car until the fuel light shows blinking is another way of hurting it to the highest degree. Avoid running the car until it empties for better maintenance.

11. Recklessly Driving Through The Potholes

No matter how perfect the manufacturers have created a car suspension, it will break at some point if driven above the limit. Reckless driving through those potholes will hurt the car’s suspension and might break the rims too. Avoiding potholes while driving at a higher speed would be great for the car performance.

12. Infrequently Driving

Driving the car not so often will trim down the life of your car components and battery. It hurts the tires as well. So, make sure to drive it more often.

13. Gap Between Washing Sessions

Keeping your car’s exterior clean will add some years to its presence. Irregular washing can result in damage of the car paint and rust.

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These were some common mistakes that shorten the life of your car in no time. Avoid these mistakes to stay out of any possible vehicle issue for a smooth driving experience.