Maintenance Issues: Car Components That Remain Off The Radar

A car needs maintenance. No matter how smoothly it runs without showing any apparent trouble, it needs an oil change, occasion flushing of various fluids, and regular checkups of various parts recommended in the owner’s manual.

Even when car owners take their vehicles for periodical servicing and health check, they ask the mechanics to do some common diagnoses. For this reason, some important components are left unchecked year after year, making your car more susceptible to fatal accidents.

What Is The Most Neglected Component?

While people normally don’t pay attention to any automobile parts until they are showing trouble, one component is almost always ignored. It is none other than the rear shocks.

Think of a 10 to 15 years old front-wheel drive (FWD) car like a Hyundai Accent, Hyundai Accent, or Hyundai Accent. It definitely has oil changes, well-inflated tires, and probably a brake change. But, there is less possibility that it has good rear shocks.

There are many components that people don’t pay attention to. (Photo Source: an)

When you are driving that old car too fast and turns a corner, you run into the risk of having an accident.


It is because an FWD car oversteers when turning around a corner. It will slide even more if there are passengers on the backseat. When the car starts skidding and you try to regain the control, it will either flip or you will lose control and hit something. The suspension safety would kick in had the rear shocks been in a good condition.

Change the rear shocks as soon as possible if you are driving an old car. To be on the safe side, replace all four shocks if the budget allows.

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Some Other Maintenance-Deprived Components

There are some other parts that people don’t think of or deliberately ignore to diagnose and service.

Air Filters

There are air filters in the cabin and engine. They are inexpensive and do not take much time for the replacement. But, people don’t care unless there is a real problem. The cabin air filter ensures better airflow inside the car. On the other hand, a clean engine air filter boosts engine life and increases fuel efficiency.

Rubber Parts and Seals

There are plenty of rubber-made seals and components in your vehicle. Some of these parts are motor mounts, exhaust belts, suspension bushings, exhaust hangers, and more. They deteriorate over time and replacing them is likely to boost the engine performance.


The only oil change that most people care about is the engine oil. But, there are several important systems that need fresh, good-quality fluid for the optimal operation. For example, you may need to change the brake fluid when it is dirty. The brake lines will collect rust and the system may not work properly without it.

Remember to flush and change the fluids. (Photo Source: cargurus)

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Other parts that need occasional flushing and changing the fluid are the coolant system and the transmission. Changing differential fluid at every 30,000 miles is another maintenance task that you should not ignore. No doing it may lead to the failure of CV joints and diffs.

Some other most-ignored servicing jobs are not checking the PCV valve, ignoring tire rotation, forgetting the timing belt replacement, and not scanning the spark plugs. You take a pass on these checkups, you will have to pay later.