Manual Vs Automatic Transmission Myths Debunked

It looks like the manual vs automatic transmission debate is never going to end. Though there are many advantages of a manual transmission, it would be wrong to give it the ultimate edge over its counterpart. So, what’s the real deal about all these manual vs automatic transmission myths?

Myth Battle Between Automatic Transmission and Manual Transmission

In the rising age of the automatic transmission vehicle, many drivers still prefer a manual gearbox for its unique characteristics. However, sometimes they cannot help but exaggerate the benefits of manual drive. In order to understand the facts of manual vs automatic, let us discuss it further.

Myth 1: Stick Shifts Are Fuel Efficient

Manual vs Automatic Transmission Myths Debunked
Manual and Automatic – Which is the best?

When it comes to the automatic vs manual gearbox question, we tend to give the green card to manual transmission for good. Though initially manual transmission has had more efficiency, with the technological advancement, nowadays automatic transmissions are no less fuel efficient. And if still there is a difference in terms of automatic vs manual gearbox fuel efficiency, it’s minimal.

Myth 2: Stick Shifts Are Less Expensive

This is also partially accurate. Though in some cases the manual versions are cheaper, the trend is declining. Nowadays the practice is to price the both version the same.

Moreover, not every car comes with a manual version.

Myth 3: Stick Shifts Take Less To Repair

Although replacing a manual transmission costs less than replacing an automatic, you rarely have to change modern automatic transmissions. In case of manual transmission, you may have to change it once or twice, which costs higher in the long run.


Myth 4: Stick Shifts Are Mandatory For Sports Cars

Sport cars
Sport cars are now availble in both options for enthusiast.

Though manual transmissions are widely used in sports cars, the option for automatic is also often available. And today manufacturers are constructing sports cars with clutchless paddle shifters. So sports cars with automatic transmission are a reality now.

Myth 5: For Heavy-Duty Works, Stick Shifts Are The Best

People believe that for heavy-duty jobs, there is no alternative to manual transmission. But in reality, the clutch in manual transmission may wear out. On the other hand, automatic transmission doesn’t have any clutch at all, making it more reliable. As well as that, many heavy-duty vehicles with automatic transmission have towing package to get the job done.

Manual and automatic transmissions are completely different technologies, which use different configurations and principles

These debunked myths in a way show us the manual vs automatic transmission pros and cons. Even though today automatic transmission is becoming the first choice, a manual transmission has some fixed advantages. For example, when a car is stuck somewhere, it can be rescued if there is another vehicle nearby with manual transmission.