Manual or Automatic Gearbox: Which is the Best?

All the vehicles have either manual or automatic gearbox, and some models, especially the modern cars, have both the options. Once, the manual transmission was the choice of all types of drivers. The shelf-shifting autos were only for the drivers of the luxury saloons and the seniors. Nevertheless, the scenario has changed these days, and some manufacturers such as Ferrari don’t produce a single manual model.

So, the question comes, which is the best option – manual or automatic gearbox? What shall you choose for your next car?

The Difference between Manual and Automatic Gearbox

Although the contemporary automatic gearbox will be ahead of that old slushbox, selecting one between an automatic and manual transmission is still a tough decision to make. Let’s check some differences to make it easier for you:


Previously, the auto option was for those who were not skilled drivers. People who wanted to experience the pleasure of driving used to choose the manual. The second one requires much more effort on a twisty road or circuit while the first option just needs some flicks of the paddle to have everything done for you. An auto transmission is easier to manage, but driving purists still prefer manual as it requires them to master the skills.

difference between manual and automatic gearbox
With the rising of auto age, a lot of drivers still enjoy driving their manual cars

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Price & Value

Cars with automatic gearboxes are pricier than the ones with a manual transmission. The prices also vary between models and from one manufacturer to another. The resale value does not depend much on the transmission type, but some luxurious brands such as Mercedes with auto gear have more demand in the second-hand car market.

automatic and manual transmission
Manual or auto geabox have their own pros and cons.

Fuel Usage

The rate of fuel consumption used to differ much in the past, but the gap has been minimized in modern automobiles. Nevertheless, the automatic vehicles still consume 10% more oil than a manual car with the same specification.

Which One Is the Best: Manual or Automatic Gearbox?

It’s still a tough call as it depends on individual preference and budget condition. A manual car is a budget-friendly option with a lower price tag and more fuel efficiency. It’s also a better choice if you want to experience the joy of driving.

On the other hand, the auto transmission makes a lot of sense with a better performance and improved fuel economy. It is suitable for all types of drivers with smooth shifting and easy-to-handle mechanism. Furthermore, many modern cars offer the joy of manual driving with a second or third gear option. And, if you think of four-wheel drivers and classic automobiles, nothing can beat an automatic transmission. A manual gearbox will only drain power and take the joy out of driving.