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Top Five Car Maintenance Myths

Top Five Car Maintenance Myths
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There is no second opinion that you want your car to go long distance without any intrusion – so you need to take care of it. Car maintenance is essential for your car to run longer and also it shouldn’t be expensive. But with all good intention you may even still end up spending extra money which wasn’t necessary. Here are few car maintenance myths and tips.

Car Maintenance Myths:

Myth 1- Change your oil every time you clock 3000 miles

Car owners are being reminded by repair shops to change their oil every 3000 miles which eventually tends to get more business and earn more money. In fact, fuel consumption increases if you car undergoes frequent oil change. Ignore the please from the oil filling shops and follow the owner’s manual.

Myth 2 – Air conditioning will reduce the fuel economy

Car owners have been debating around this topic. The myth is excessive air cooling degrade car’s fuel economy – but that’s simply not the case. The aerodynamic drag when the windows are open – is a factor affect fuel economy. Don’t worry about the budget as having air conditioner on will increase alertness and journey will be safer.

Myth 3 – Premium Grade is better for your Car

Another costly mistake. Most cars run fine on regular fuel (87 Octane). Many car owners presume that premium fuel increases performance and well-being of the car but that’s not true. Filling with premium won’t result any damage but they would neither increase performance and you will end up wasting money.

Premium Grade isn't better for your Car
Filling with premium won’t increase your car performance as you expect

Myth 4- Refills in the morning result more Fuel for Money

Many believe that cooler air in morning leads to more fuel efficiency compared to hotter weather in the afternoon. Generally gasoline coming through nozzles do not show notable change in temperature so your early morning rush to the gas station is futile.

Myth 5- Visit Dealer to keep your Warranty Valid

As long as maintenance job is done, you can go to any shop. Just keep the receipts and records should any question comes on the claim submission.



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Tips for Car Maintenance:

1. Clean your Brake Dust

Brake dust contains all sort of nasty stuff. If left long , moisture, heat and with road grime, it gets baked into your wheel. Usually brake dust clings to wheels with stable electricity.

2. Tyre Pressure

Once a week is ideal. Its easy to do as bad tyre pressure can affect handling, comfort and fuel economy of your car. Using tyre pressure gauge, check inflation pressure for each tyre. You can find the recommended air pressure in the owner’s manual

3. Oil Level

Anyone can do this job. Do it regularly. Park your car on level ground to get an accurate dipstick reading. Don’t overfill.

4. Check The Battery 

Check to see if the cables and wires are securely attached without any corrosion.lf the terminals are not clean, it is difficult for the current to flow through the electrical system. Check the fluid level especially in warmer weather if the battery has removable caps.

check your car battery
Schedule to check your car battery regularly

5. Replace Your Windshields

Wipers are cheap and easy to replace. Visibility is important. Most of the car owners ignore them and then get replaced along with a bigger job.

There are a list of preventive maintenance measures. It can save you thousands. Get the basics right including scheduled inspections so that it keeps you hassle free and a chance to experts as well before anything becomes a serious problem.

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