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How To Unlock Car With Tennis Ball – Rare Feats

Accidents happen all the time. One of the most common mistakes committed by car drivers is leaving the cars in the vehicle and locking the door. It is only when they need to drive somewhere that they observe their silly mistake. If you have faced such a scenario, then we have some great news for you. One of the known methods to help you get inside the car is the unlock car with tennis ball technique.

 How To Unlock Car With Tennis Ball – A Rare Feat

One of the methods used by car owners is looking for an open window to reach their hands inside the car. A second option is to hire a locksmith to get a second key made for the car. The most common technique used by car owners is using a screwdriver or scale, but they don’t realise that it might damage the locking mechanism in the end.

Life hacks are the rage these days, and the majority of tricks for opening a car lock are not that practical. We will provide you with a hack for opening the locked door of your car even with the keys inside. As a hint, this hack has something to do with the air pressure released by squeezing a modified tennis ball.

However, if you don’t want to wait for the locksmith, damage the locking system or risk hurting your hand while trying to reach for the door via an half-opened window, then we can help you learn the how to unlock a car with a tennis ball technique.

1. What Is The Tennis Ball Technique?

A technique doing rounds these days as a famous life hack is learning to unlock car with tennis ball technique. It does not require knowledge about the locking mechanism of the car, a simple tennis ball with a hole in it would help get the car door unlocked.

The key to using the Unlock car with tennis ball
Closeup view of carjacker trying to open car with pick-lock

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2. The First Step

Firstly, you would need a tennis ball and find a way to get a small opening into the ball. However, always remember that the opening should be equal to that of a screwdriver or the car key. It is an essential tip if you want to learn how to open a lock car without damaging the locking mechanism.

3. Positioning The Tennis Ball

Next, you would need to place the modified tennis ball on the lock on your car entrance. To be precise, you would need to place it on the key opening of the car. We recommend that you browse online to find the best maintenance tips to keep your car performing to its maximum capacity.

4. Releasing the Pressure

Now that you have placed the tennis ball over the key hole of car, you would need to push the ball with all your strength to release the air pressure against the lock. It would cause the lock to pop up and release the lock.

Take a look to Unlock car with tennis ball
You need two hands strong enough to squeeze the ball

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Thus, if you want to learn about how to unlock car with tennis ball, then the guidelines mentioned above would help you understand the process.

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