How To Reupholster Car Seats – Details Reading

The easiest way to add style to your car is reupholstering car seats. You can get the regular car service to make the vehicle perform longer. Many car drivers consider the work of reupholster car seats as expensive. To help you overcome this dilemma, we have come up with a systematic approach to give a different look to your car seats without draining the finances.

How To Reupholster Car Seats – Details Reading

The process of providing a stylish and elegant look to your ride might be a bit longer. It would make your friends compliment your car in the end. If you want to understand more about reupholstering truck seats or car seats, we suggest that you pay attention to the information below.

1. Choose The Fabric And Detach Seats

The primary step to follow when looking to reupholster car seats is choosing the right material. You can choose from different options including leather, vinyl, material with stylish patterns and colors. Make sure that whichever color or design you want should blend in with the exterior and interior of the car.

You would need to look for the bolts of the seat on the underside and loosen them. After detaching the car seats, you need to take it out to separate the front, rear and headrest part. You should unzip and remove the present car seat covers by removing the staples with a stapling hook. Look for hog rings, loosen them with a screwdriver to free the cover. Lastly, make a mark in the places for the seat track and rings.

REUPHOLSTER CAR SEATS Strategies For Beginners
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2. Pull The Upholstery And Repaint The Frame

Once the seats are detached, you need to shred the old seat covers using a seam ripper. It will create a pattern using which you can cut the new fabric. You should check the seat frame for corrosion, which might need repainting. Sand the entire structure and clean it before applying the paint. The paint should dry completely before the upholstering process. You should search online to know more about the bench seat upholstery for your car.

3. Reinstall The Bun And Pattern Covers

Use a new cloth to cover the border pads before using glue to install the seat bun to its original position. You need to spread the removed fabric and spread it on a white drawing sheet.

Now trace the shape to create a new pattern. You should design the cover as per the need. Car experts recommend knowing the basics of pattern construction. You should cut the traced pattern and place it on the new fabric to outline and cut it according to the markings. We recommend you search online to know the best maintenance tips for your car seats.

The Secret of Successful REUPHOLSTER CAR SEATS
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4. Stitch The Fabric And Refit Covers

Make sure that the cut pieces match. You would need to stitch these new pieces together. Use a proper needle and thread to work on a thick fabric like vinyl. Put back the seats on the frame and screw the rings back to their original position.

Make sure to reattach the bolts firmly to place the seats without them wobbling. When you fit the new cloth, stretch the material to pass it through the rings on the front part of the car seats. Wrap the fabric around the backside of the car seat bun and staple the ends.

5. The Finishing Touch

You can choose to repaint the entire seat frame to match the car seat covers. You can also utilize car cushions or stickers to make the interior trendy.


If you were searching to know what the process to reupholster car seats is, the information mentioned above would help you give a different look to your car.