How to EASILY Remove Window Tint From Car

Has your car’s window film reached a stage where it requires a change? If yes, then you are in the right place. A window’s tint needs to be replaced if it starts bubbling or develops a different color altogether. When concerned about how to remove window tint from car, referring to the DIY process can turn out to be utilitarian.

But firstly, let us tell you the symptoms of bad window tint before going to get to know how to remove auto window tint.

Symptoms Of Bad Window Tint

People usually ask how to remove tinted film from car windows when the tint layer starts to bubble or peel off. How do you know that your window tint needs a replacement? The thing is; it is not a science that you would have to think over it is much. The symptoms are quite visible and easy to detect. The two major symptoms include “bubbling film” and “purple film.”

There exist non-metallic dyes in the window tint that tend to break down over time and are liable to color change, thus the “purple film” formation. On the other hand, when the adhesive that keeps the film and the window glass together loosens up, bubbles form. 

Moreover, there are some more symptoms that you can recognize by your eyes. They are the noticeable gap & uneven lines, the film does not stick to the dot matrix, the heat transfer, the bubbles around the defroster bars. They are all symptoms of bad window tint that we need to fix by an effective way to remove tints from car windows method.

Now that you know the common symptoms, let’s get to know how to remove window tint from car in the right manner.

How To Remove Window Tint From Car Instantly In 4 Easy Ways

A window tint is a transparent film that covers the interior side of a car’s windows. These tints make sure that the car does not get much exposure to the sun. Over time, the film may require to be changed. Before you move on with replacement, knowing the symptoms and maneuvering through the window tint removal process is indispensable.

We are now introducing to you 4 ways on how to remove window tint from car by following step by step of the method. 

Step 1: Preparing The Materials and Supplies

So as many readers ask us how to remove car window tints or how to remove window tint from cars. We always say let’s start from preparing the materials and supplies which are needed for the taking off window tint process. It makes no sense to be initiating something when you’re already in the middle of the procedure and you cannot continue simply because you lack something. Therefore, a good preparation will save your time and save your car. 

  • If you are going to use a steamer on how to remove window tint, then you will need: fabric steamer, adhesive remover, water, paper towels or a clean piece of cloth.
  • If you choose a blend of sun and ammonia method, you will need: unused plastic garbage bags, spray bottle containing ammonia solution, ordinary dish soap, razor knife or blade, scissor, paper towels, spray bottle, steel wool.
  • In case you apply the combination of soap and newspaper technique ,then you should prepare: bowl or bucket, newspaper, sponge.

Besides, the hair dryer method of removing car tint needs some resources such as hair dryer (ordinary type), glass cleaner, clean piece of cloth, paper towel, razor knife or blade. That’s all you need to prepare for fixing your car window tint. The next step is let your car ready to be fixed.

Step 2: Preparing the Car and the Window To Be Fixed

So, the car needs to be prepared well before applying the methods of how to remove window tint. If your car window has some decals or stickers, you should remove them before applying any methods above. The palace where you want to do your job should be bright enough so you can see clearly. And make sure that you have the extension cord in case you use the electric method. Since you will  take the hair dryer into the car so the wire must be long enough. 

Step 3: Applying One Of Four Effective Methods

There are 4 methods which you can apply on how to remove window tint. Choosing the right methods depends on you. Which tool do you have and which tool is easy for you to do. Now let us show you the four effective methods to remove window tint.

1. Utilizing A Steamer

Using a steamer is one of the easiest and the most convenient ways to get rid of window tint. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to buy any remover or other essential as a steamer is a common household item. Make sure that the steamer is a fabric one and works effectively.

Fill the steamer with water, turn it on, and apply it on the window tints, the moment it starts emitting steam. It is just a matter of a few minutes, and the film would begin melting on its own. You can peel it off directly, and your work is done! Isn’t it easy? Do not forget to use a goof off spray to get rid of any residue afterward.

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2. A Blend Of Sun And Ammonia

To start with, you would require conducting this technique on a bright sunny day. Start with cutting through two garbage bags in a shape that could fit on the window. Next, apply a coat of soapy water on the window and then stick the cut garbage bag on it. Before proceeding, cover all the parts near the windows with a waterproof cover also do not forget to wear a face mask.

Spray ammonia on the windows’ surface where the garbage bag lies and while it is still wet, sandwich the ammonia coat with another garbage bag on the top. Leave the car parked in the sun and in some time, you would be easily able to peel off the window tint. Do not forget to remove the residue with ammonia and fine steel wool.

3. Combination Of Newspaper And Soap

Start with coating the window with soapy water using a sponge. Once done, cover the surface with a piece of newspaper. Let the paper settle in for about an hour. If you feel that the paper is drying reapply the detergent over it again.

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Make use of a razor blade to get rid of the tint. You would be required to apply blade in long strokes over the settled paper. You would notice that along with the newspaper, the tint has come off too. It is as easy as that! Also, go through maintenance tips for steps to remove the rear view mirror.

4. Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

The last method which we would like to introduce to you is using the hair dryer or the heat gun to fix the bad car window tint. This is an easy way to remove tint and works equally well with a heat gun, although it can get a little messy. So you are better off picking a corner to start the process. 

Firstly, you hold the hairdryer about two inches from the window and run it on high until the glue melts enough to pry the edge up with your fingernail. Next, angle the dryer so it hits where the film and window meet, slowly peeling as the glue softens. Then, using a clean towel, rub the adhesive away, using your hairdryer to soften it as needed. The last thing to do is washing the car windows with cleaner when the glue’s removed.

Step 4: Removing The Window Tint Glue

After applying the four methods of how to remove window tint, it is necessary to remove the residue left after removing the tint. There are some products that are available in your home that you can also buy easily at the grocery store you can use to remove the glue:

1 .Alcohol

One of the cheapest and most effective solvents out there, a bottle of 90 percent isopropyl alcohol can make quick work of leftover glue. Put the alcohol to the rag to get rid of the small spots and a spray bottle and rag for the large surfaces. 

2. Nail Polish Remover

Yes, it is true to say that you can use the nail polish remover for multi purpose, and it works for the tint glue in the car window. You can use nail polish remover, a microfiber cloth, and some elbow grease to remove the glue. While this method requires some additional effort, the process will buff your windows to a beautiful sheen.

3. Scrubbing

Scrubbing is a good idea to remove the residue left in your car. You can use hot, soapy water and a car ice scraper to get rid of the glue residue. It is not only a safe method but also a good excuse to clean the car’s interior.

4. Glue Remover Products

Another choice is the glue remover products which you can find in the grocery store. But read carefully the instructions to make sure you do not ruin your car in the last step of removing the tint. Keep in mind that these products help to remove the residue, not the tint. So you can only use it to remove the glue, not the tint.

By following 4 steps on how to remove window tint from car, you will change the now cloth for it and it will look like a new. 

Why Is Removing Bad Window Tint Important?

There are few reasons behind the fact that you need to remove bad window tint from the car. When you understand the importance of doing that, there is no doubt to start fixing your car window tint. 

  • Firstly, you need to remove car window tint because of aesthetic reasons. Sometimes you just don’t want tinted windows, even though they’re in pristine condition. This can be most frustrating, since the adhesive is likely at its strongest. However, heat methods work well against undamaged tint film.
  • Secondly, the bubbling is hard to fix. You might have to peel where it’s bubbling, but this will leave an even less attractive mess of glue and tint chunks. On the bright side, the bubbles are caused by failing adhesive, making it a little easier to remove.
  • The third is discoloration. By the time, the window tint will turn a purplish shade and you’ll want to consider replacing it. As the tint’s ability to block UV rays diminishes the more it changes to purple, the issue is more than simply an aesthetic one. 

Now that you know the common symptoms, the reason why you need to remove window tints, and we already show you how to remove window tint from car in the right manner. Just follow our easy instructions and you will be successful in getting rid of the bad car window tint.

Wrapping Up

The mentioned steps are the easiest of all when how to remove window tint is in mind. It is advised to follow the steps as it is because your car’s windows need to shine with no scratches or cracks. Follow our maintenance blog to know more about car fixing.