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How To Remove Window Tint From Your Car? Looking Into The Simple DIY Process

Has your car’s window film reached a stage where it requires a change? If yes, then you are in the right place. A window’s tint needs to be replaced if it starts bubbling or develops a different color altogether. When concerned about how to remove window tint, referring to the DIY process can turn out to be utilitarian.

Symptoms Of Bad Window Tint

How do you know that your window tint needs a replacement? The thing is; it is not a science that you would have to think over it is much. The symptoms are quite visible and easy to detect. The two major symptoms include “bubbling film” and “purple film.”

There exist non-metallic dyes in the window tint that tend to break down over time and are liable to color change, thus the “purple film” formation. On the other hand, when the adhesive that keeps the film and the window glass together loosens up, bubbles form. Now that you know the common symptoms, let’s get to know how to remove window tint in the right manner.

How To Remove Window Tint Instantly In 3 Easy Ways:

A window tint is a transparent film that covers the interior side of a car’s windows. These tints make sure that the car does not get much exposure to the sun. Over time, the film may require to be changed. Before you move on with replacement, knowing the symptoms and maneuvering through the window tint removal process is indispensable.

1. Utilizing A Steamer

Using a steamer is one of the easiest and the most convenient ways to get rid of window tint. The best part is that you wouldn’t have to buy any remover or other essential as a steamer is a common household item. Make sure that the steamer is a fabric one and works effectively.

Finding out How to remove window tint
How to remove window tint by Utilizing a Steamer.

Fill the steamer with water, turn it on, and apply it on the window tints, the moment it starts emitting steam. It is just a matter of a few minutes, and the film would begin melting on its own. You can peel it off directly, and your work is done! Isn’t it easy? Do not forget to use a goof off spray to get rid of any residue afterward.

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2. A Blend Of Sun And Ammonia

To start with, you would require conducting this technique on a bright sunny day. Start with cutting through two garbage bags in a shape that could fit on the window. Next, apply a coat of soapy water on the window and then stick the cut garbage bag on it. Before proceeding, cover all the parts near the windows with a waterproof cover also do not forget to wear a face mask.

Spray ammonia on the windows’ surface where the garbage bag lies and while it is still wet, sandwich the ammonia coat with another garbage bag on the top. Leave the car parked in the sun and in some time, you would be easily able to peel off the window tint. Do not forget to remove the residue with ammonia and fine steel wool.

3. Combination Of Newspaper And Soap

Start with coating the window with soapy water using a sponge. Once done, cover the surface with a piece of newspaper. Let the paper settle in for about an hour. If you feel that the paper is drying reapply the detergent over it again.

Finding how to remove window tint
How to remove window tint with the Combination Of Newspaper and Soap.

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Make use of a razor blade to get rid of the tint. You would be required to apply blade in long strokes over the settled paper. You would notice that along with the newspaper, the tint has come off too. It is as easy as that! Also, go through maintenance tips for steps to remove the rear view mirror.

Here is a video for detailed instruction. Check it out!

Wrapping Up

The mentioned steps are the easiest of all when how to remove window tint is in mind. It is advised to follow the steps as it is because your car’s windows need to shine with no scratches or cracks.