How to Replace a Broken Car Window

A car is a very dear to all of us and any crack or damage to it would leave us unhappy and worried. It is just not a matter of expenses but also the efforts that we need to get the repair damaged or get the parts replaced. One such common issue is to replace a Broken Car Window. As per the research you need to shell out a few dollars to replace the broken car window. However, you can try it doing on your own as well, but you need to be very careful. You need to have the essential supplies before you consider replacing it.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

Collect all the supplies:

You can purchase a window replacement tool which will have all the essential supplies to get the replacement done. Find out all the basic tools that you might need to replace the broken car window.

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Collect Information:

There are several auto dealers who can give you information about the glass specialist. You can either purchase a new auto glass or get a used auto glass. If you own a luxury car, replacing a broken Car Window might cost you a lot. Thus, it might be better if you have a look at the used auto glasses.


Clean the broken window:

Clean the broken window 2016

When a glass is broken, the glass pieces will definitely be shattered. Though the glass is hard and heat treated, but it breaks into small pieces under pressure. The first step that you must take is collecting all the shattered pieces from inside and outside of the vehicle. There might be shattered glass pieces on the dashboard, car seat, carpet and so on.  This should be immediately done so that you aren’t injured.


Remove the door panel:

Remove the door panel 2016

The user can refer to the manual to remove the door panel as the instructions will be clearly mentioned. Remove the screws. Give gentle pressure to the snaps to detach the inner door panel. Remove the glass chunks if found any. Vacuum the door panel completely.

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Remove Weather Stripping:

Remove Weather Stripping 2016

The user must be very careful while dealing with the weather stripping. You shouldn’t bend the rubber strip as you will not be able to use it further. Free the window tracks that is bolted at the bottom of the door so that the installation becomes easier.


Insert the new window:

Insert the new window 2016

You will have to take extra precaution while installing a new window. Insert the new glass pane which should be at 90-degree angle so that the longer side gets into the track. Just wiggle the glass so that it fits properly. Raise and lower the window glass several times so that you know that you have successfully inserted the new window glass.

If you are using the power windows, plug the quick-disconnect power back in and turn on the ignition. This will make sure that the holes and bolts are aligned properly. Once you are done with this, put the car door back properly.

Thus, it is not a difficult task to replace a Broken Car Window. The above-mentioned tips are very simple and can be easily followed even by a layman. If you are stuck with the Broken Car Window issue, try out this process and we are sure you will replace it easily. You do not have to be dependent on any professionals.

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