A Quick Solution for the Car Window Won’t Go Up Issue

The issue with the power window of your vehicle is a real bummer. Whatever the cause, you definitely get upset in case the power window doesn’t go up, especially when it’s raining. However, it’s a very common issue but you need to fix it immediately. So, here are some quick and affordable tips that will help you to resolve the car window won’t go up the issue of your vehicle.

Car Window Won’t Roll Up: What Are The Reasons?

The cause of this problem comes from the operating principle of this control system. Some people don’t know that car windows operate based on the control system for lifting/lowering the door. The motor drives the window to rotate to create an up-and-down motion to open and close the window. So, when the motor malfunctions, the gears wear out, and the cables or fuses are blown, the window will likely get stuck or won’t go up:

  • The gear part operates regularly and takes the weight of the glass, so it is prone to wear and tear. The faulty gear affects the motor’s ability to transmit motion to raise/lower the glass.
  • In case the cable breaks or gets stuck in the twisted shaft, a slight sound will appear when the button is pressed. At this time, the motor rotates but the window does not move.
  • In addition, the condition of the window being stuck also occurs when the fuse is blown, causing the motor to control the glass door to not work.

Ways to Fix the “Car Window Won’t Go Up” Problem

There can be many reasons for the broken window of your vehicle. It is possible that the problem could be as plain as a loose connection or as difficult as a faulty switch. Once you recognize the problem, you need to fix it with simple and affordable solutions as mentioned below.

1. Replacing the blown-out fuse

If your car’s power window abruptly stops, it might happen that the window fuse has been blown out. In such a case, you need to change it. You need to locate the fuse box and open it. It might be present near or can be a part of the dash. Take help from the owner’s manual in case you didn’t find it. Now, take out the blown fuse and replace it with a new one having the same amperage. You can refer to some car maintenance tips in case you require some help.

2. Fixing window gaskets

 Help you to resolve car window won't go up
A Quick Solution for the Car Window Won’t Go Up. (Photo: Youtube)

Another reason responsible for the “car window won’t go up” issue can be the shoddier window gaskets. Some grease or dirt might be built up that is preventing the gaskets from shutting properly. So, in this case, you should clean up these gaskets with acetone. Be careful while applying acetone as it may affect your car’s carpet and paint. Once you clean these gaskets, try to move your window now.

3. Changing the faulty switch

One possible reason behind this trouble can be a faulty switch. To replace this defective switch, you need to take out the window switchboard. Unplug the connectors to ensure that they are offering the suitable 12 volts to the switch. You can use a multimeter to check the reading of the connectors. Now, take another switch and plug it into the wiring connectors. And, check if it’s working or not.

4. Replace the regulator or window motor

Quick-fix guide car window won't go up
Quick-fix guide car window won’t go up. (Photo: Youtube)

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In such a situation, you need to take out the door panel. You typically have to remove screws to completely take out this panel. Now, check whether the motor is receiving the correct reading as per the manual. In case, the motor is receiving the right value but is not working properly, you might require installing a new one. On the other hand, if the motor is running correctly but the window is not reacting, you may have to replace the regulator.

Watch the video to understand more about the fixing process:

Detailed instructions to fix the car window won’t go up:

Step 1: Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the body cover in the position of the car window.

Step 2: Disconnect and remove the swing arm from the window.

Step 3: Look closely at the glass lifter, and identify the cause of the car window being stuck. Check if the cable is stuck or not. If so, adjust the cable to the original position. In case the cable is broken, it needs to be replaced to continue use.

Step 4: Check the window gasket, and replace it if damaged.

Step 5: Check the operation status of the electric motor, fuse, switch, and wire. If the electric motor works intermittently and inefficiently, the car owner needs to replace it. In case the fuse is damaged or burned, it can also affect the operation of raising/lowering the car window.

Step 6: Reinstall the car door to its original position.

Please note that all these steps must be based on the guide from the manufacturers or trusted mechanics. You shouldn’t fix it by yourself if you don’t have a basic knowledge of mechanical. 


We’ve covered 4 reasons and solutions for the “car window won’t go up” issue. Hopefully, you have a better knowledge about this problem and the ways to fix it. If you have any questions related to  “automatic window won’t roll up” or want to know more about “power window won’t go up – quick fix”, feel free to leave them in our comment section, and our car experts will give you the answer as soon as possible.