How to Keep Car Battery from Dying In Cold Weather

A cold weather car battery faces a difficult challenge. Automobile batteries are the product of complex chemical reactions. Low temperature is a barrier to such activity. Therefore, batteries may lose charge rapidly or even die during winter. You may wonder how to keep car battery from dying in cold weather. Here are some expert tips and tricks to answer the query.

Why Car Battery Gives Trouble In Winter

Any battery is a closed container where the chemical activity takes place. During this activity, charged particles keep moving. This movement of invisible atoms is the power source of the battery and is used to start an engine.

During extreme winter, the temperature drops, and so does the reaction. Older or less charged batteries will die in this condition. On the other hand, newer and fully-charged units will survive for a while but lose charge fast.

How to Keep Car Battery from Dying In Cold Weather

There is more than one way to protect the car battery in winter. Any method or a combination of a few methods will make sure that your vehicle battery is safe during these months.

Keep in a Secure Garage

Park the vehicle in a garage or safe place when it is not in use. Then, turn off the security system, or it will drain the battery charge faster. You might be wondering how to keep car battery from dying in cold weather if the car is unused for a long time. Thankfully, there are a few effective tips to tackle such a situation.


Keep a Thermal Battery Blanket

Thermal blankets come with a small heating element and require an external power connection. Such blankets insulate the battery from extreme winter. The heating pad inside the thermal insulator keeps the battery warm and prevents the drainage of the battery charge.

How to keep car battery charged in winter when a blanket warmer is not handy? Let’s find the solution in the next section.

Install a Block Heater Equipment

A block heater produces heat inside the car, keeping the engine and battery warm. A warm one will allow more reactions inside the cells, helping with the production of more electricity. An external electrical supply is necessary for block heaters. Also, charging the battery from a local mechanic shop will keep it in working condition.

Use Jump Starters

Portable vehicle jump-starters are widely available for a reasonable price. Jump-starters can start the car engine if the battery is unable to do so. Vehicle batteries lose charge when not in use and significantly more in cold weather.

how to keep car battery charged in winter
A jumpstarter can help. (Credit: mikrob111 / PixaBay)

Disconnect Negative Battery Terminal

When an automobile is not in use, the battery keeps draining the charge. The best way to prevent this is to disconnect the negative battery end. Remove the connector that shows a “minus sign” or is black. Insulate and keep it away from the battery.


Cold weather and car batteries never go side by side. During winter, when you won’t drive the car much, you may apply these tricks regarding how to keep car battery from dying in cold weather. Applying these techniques will save the car battery from unwanted downtimes.