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A Guide To Preventing Sports Car Theft

Everyone wants a sports car. They are so lucrative that having one is sure to make your friends and family envy you. Owning a sports car attracts a lot of attention, but not all attention is safe for your car.

You need to protect your car from the evil eye of a thief. Car theft can be the stuff of nightmares. A thief might damage your car for parts or might even steal the entire car if they can. So, what action are you taking to protect your favorite expensive investment?

Taking a few measures can help you keep your sports car from getting stolen. Here’s what you can do to protect your car against theft.

Park Safely

Where you park your car will determine the level of its safety when left unattended. Parking in safe areas can lower the chances of your car becoming the prey of thieves.

Always try to park in secured lots. Opt for monitored parking lots or secure garages when parking. If these are unavailable, try to find an open, brightly lit parking lot. A place that has good lighting and is visible to onlookers is a safer area to park.

Don’t park in dark, remote locations. If you think you are keeping your car safe in a hidden location, that is where it’s most likely to get stolen. Visible places are your best bet when you can’t find monitored lots.

Get Car Alarms Installed

If you think car alarms are overrated, think again. Yes, car alarms still work. When a person is trying to break in or damage your car, the alarm can attract the attention of passersby. Thieves hate attracting attention and a sensitive car alarm going off loudly is the last thing they would want.

Even if you don’t hear the alarm, it can get the attention of the passerby or the police if they are around. Even if many people ignore alarm sounds, people will still look at least once.

The thief does not want attention drawn to what they are doing. Even if they can disarm the alarm but which takes time, it might be enough time to save your car.

Install GPS Tracking

Sports cars are often the main target of international stolen car trafficking. The chances of you recovering your car after reporting it as stolen is even lower with sports cars. Before the police can investigate, it might already be transported halfway across the world.

With luxury cars, people often think that their superior inbuilt security system is enough. But, a luxury car GPS tracker is a much-needed accessory for your sports car.

With a tracker, even if your car gets stolen, you can recover it quickly. This can help the police find your car before it can leave the national borders. You will sleep much better knowing that even if someone steals your car, you can get it back.

Don’t Leave the Keys In the Car

Preventing Sport Car Theft

Don’t want your car stolen? Never leave the keys inside the car! If someone spots that your keys have been left on the dashboard or in the ignition, they will be tempted to steal your car.

The best thing you can do is carry your keys with you, wherever you go. Take your keys with you even if you think that you are leaving your car unattended for only a few minutes or it will remain within your sight.

Especially during winter, people leave the key in the ignition to keep the heater running, so that they can come back to a warm car. This is a terrible idea. You aren’t only wasting fuel but also endangering your precious vehicle.

Keep the Valuables Out of Sight

Often a thief might break into a car just because they have seen an expensive cell phone or smartwatch inside it. Don’t keep your expensive belongings on full display inside the car.

If a thief attempts to break into your car, they might be tempted to steal it or at least damage it. Keep those items hidden to avoid unwanted attention.

One way to do that is by getting the windows tinted. If your sports vehicles have tinted windows, it will be difficult to look inside. Not only will it make your car look chic, but it will also protect your car and your possessions within it. You will also get to enjoy some privacy like a VIP.

Make Theft Difficult

Professional thieves work fast. They will try to steal your sports car as fast as they can. It is vital to make it difficult for them to steal your car.

If you have ever seen any movies from the “Home Alone” series, you would know how you can prevent theft by putting in some obstacles. You don’t have to do anything difficult. Point is to make sure that they can’t commit the theft fast and quietly.

For example, you can park at a place which is difficult to get out of. Parallel parking is a fantastic way of doing that. Or you might install some internal obstacles, such as stirring locks. Get creative and make it difficult for the thief.

Always Lock The Door

You must understand that if you keep your doors unlocked, the thief will find a way to get that car running. Never leave your car doors unlocked.

Even if they can’t steal the entire car, they will harvest your car for parts. People are often forgetful and think that leaving your car door open is not a big deal, but it can become a huge deal if you end up losing or damaging your car.

Even if you have to set a reminder to lock your car doors, do that but don’t leave the doors open. It can be dangerous for the car and yourself. Keep the doors locked to keep the car and the possessions within safe.

Final Thoughts

Practicing a little caution can help you keep your car safe. A little awareness and some adjustment are all you need to rid yourself of the anxiety from the possibility of car theft.

If you can set an alarm and a GPS tracker, you will have extra protection for your car. Remember to carry the keys with you and keep the doors locked when you leave the car. Even some simple measures can save you from losing your car.

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