Are Two Winter Tires Enough On Your Car?

Winters are the toughest part of the year when it comes to driving cars down the road. The risk of losing control increases in the absence of  snow tires and adequate driver skills. People have a misconception that having two winter tires is more than enough to ensure safety. In reality, this is not the case! Let’s find out why.

Why Adding Two Winter Tires Isn’t Enough?

Customizing a car with only two snow tires sounds economical and viable for most car owners. While it may be a great idea to maneuver your ways out of snowy paths, it is dangerous as well. How? Read on, to find out.

1. From The Rear End Perspective

The role of rear tires is to maintain the balance of the vehicle when moving through the turns. When there are winter tires on the rear end, the car maintains a good balance and the control is in your hands in the end. The rear tires are extremely important when adequate steering and stop are required. The scenario changes when there are standard or aptly the summer tires on the rear.

Your vehicle is likely to over-steer, no matter at what low speed you move. This, in turn, could be a deadly situation when you happen to make turns on hilly roads. Why indulge in anything that can cause you harm? That is why; it is advised to install winter tires on the rear end.

Tips for choose best winter tires
How to install winter tires (Photo Source: autocarhire)

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2. From The Front End Perspective

If the front end of your car supports summer tires while the rear end has winter tires, the traction and braking may work fine. You will realize the difference when you make the turns though. The turns would not be as smooth as your front wheels would have nothing to make an effective grip on. Irrespective of your car having an all-wheel-drive system, the absence of four winter tires would risk your safety.

Reversing the scenario, if there are winter tires on the front only, your car is likely to spin over or fishtail when making turns. One should know that when you apply the brakes, the summer rear tires still keep moving. You know that is not safe, isn’t it?

The Solution

The best thing to do is that install four winter tires, two on the front and two at the rear. Such a practice is the best to ensure your complete safety when the weather gets harsh. The idea doesn’t cheap option, but a safer one. With no skidding or spinning, having four winter tires would make your driving experience worthwhile.

Always make sure that all the winter tires you choose are the same size and have a similar tread. Do not compromise on the quality as it is your safety and well-being that matters in the end. You could also refer to driving tips for effective guidelines for skillfully through the hills.

Guidelines to choose winter tires
Top winter tires for cars (Photo Source: autobymars)

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Wrapping Up

This was all about why installing two winter tires can be dangerous to the driver and other passengers. Make sure you install four winter tires so that you can step out in the snowy season without any hesitation.