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How to Clean EGR Valve: Pro Tips

Cleaning EGR value from time to time increases the efficiency of the car. In most cases, the car’s engine performance depends on its clogging and problem in the system passage. By knowing how to clean EGR valve, it is easy to prevent any serious damage and costly repairs.

How to Clean EGR Valve?

When you take out the valve, shake it and try to hear the sound of a moving diaphragm. If you hear the sound, it means the valve is in a good condition. Then, cleaning is the only thing required in order to build the performance of the engine.

Let’s get started!

1. Take out the Vacuum Line

Helpful tips to know how to clean EGR valve
How to clean EGR valve with the help of vaccum line

At first, carefully take out the vacuum line that connects to the EGR valve. If it looks damaged, fragile, frayed in one or the other manner, change it.

Vacuum is the major source of several kinds of engine problems.

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2. Open the EGR Valve

This step is quite obvious. Open the valve by removing the bolts. In case it doesn’t come out straight away, give a slight tap or use a hammer.

3. Take off the Gasket

If your gasket is cracked or disintegrated, you need to remove it as soon as possible. However, if it works fine, you won’t need a replacement for several years.

4. Use Water

If you know how to clean EGR valve by water, half of your work is complete. There are two major steps involved in cleaning the valve. But it also depends on how far you want to go.

At first, soak the EGR in a carb cleaner bowl. Yes, the smell is horrible and is a malicious stuff. So make sure you do the task outside in a well-ventilated area.

Note: If the EGR valve has electronic connections, make sure you do NOT submerge it in the cleaner. For best results, soak it overnight. After this step, jump to the next.

5. Cleaning the Valve with Hands

After soaking the EGR valve in the cleaner overnight, you need to clean the passage, surfaces and opening with a brush. For this, pipe cleaners and toothbrush works well. Try to drag out the black curd, which will help fix the problem soon. Essentially, you need to clean everything you can with the help of the brush.

Note: To clean the valve, always use chemical resistant gloves and eye protectors.

6. Reuse the EGR Valve

How to clean EGR valve by reusing EGR Valve
Different ways to know how to clean EGR valve

Now, simply reinstall the EGR valve in its place. Make sure you reattach your vacuum hose along with the electrical connections. This process will work great if you follow the steps in order. In case, you still experience any issue, go ahead to replace the entire valve.

Most folks do not know how to clean EGR valve by DIY steps. The above mentioned process is simple and easy to use. It’s a great thing to clean a few parts of your engine thorough DIY ways. It saves both time and money. In addition to this, try learning certain maintenance tips to increase the life of your car’s engine.