10 Tips to Prolong The Lifespan of Diesel Engines

Due to many advantages that diesel engines bring to user, many people are considering getting a vehicle with diesel engines. Compared to petrol engines, diesel engines costs more in term of acquiring and repairing. But diesel engines prove that they are worth for you to acquire one due to its efficiency and long lifespan if you can maintain them properly. That is why we will let you know 10 tips to prolong the lifespan of diesel engines. Therefore, you can enjoy the full advantages that diesel engines bring to you.

Differences between diesel engines and petrol engines

Theatrically, diesel engines and petrol engines are somehow the same. They are both internal combustion engines that work by converting the chemical energy provided in fuel into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy will let the pistons go up and down inside the cylinders. These pistons are attached to a crankshaft, which creates rotary motion make the car wheeling.

Both diesel engines and petrol engines operate by a series of small explosions or combustions. The biggest difference is the how these explosions happen. In a petrol engine, fuel is mixed with air. After pistons compressed it, spark plugs with generate sparks and let it explode. In a diesel engine, the air is compressed first then the fuel will be injected. Because air heats up when it’s compressed, the fuel ignites and push the pistons down.

prolong the lifespan of diesel engines
You will get more miles to the gallon thanks to diesel’s rich energy consistency (Source: YAuto)

. And this is why we need to maintain it as long as possible so as not to waste its productivity.

10 tips to prolong the lifespan of diesel engines

Choose the Right Oil For Your Engine

To prolong the lifespan of diesel engines, you have to make sure that you are following the maintenance guidelines that are given when you purchase the car. There will be information about the oil that you should use. Otherwise, find a trusted mechanic or a verified car center to get the right advice on the oil that you should use. It is very important and by continuing reading, you will know why.

Changing the Oil Regularly

Changing the engine oil on a regular basis is important to prolong the lifespan of diesel engines. This is because when the engine is running, the oil acts as a “cushion” in between the moving metal engine components. This ‘cushion’ of oil helps to reduce friction inside the engine. Over time, the oil will become contaminated with carbon and very small pieces of metal, and it will lose efficiency. Try to change your oil and oil filter every 5000 miles for the best experience you can get.

increase lifespan of diesel engine
Changing the engine oil on a regular basis is important to prolong the lifespan of diesel engines (Source: DailyDriven)

Change Fuel Filters

The fuel filter is the first line defense of your engine against dirt and little fragments before the whole fuel system. Diesel fuel injection systems rely on fuel flow to keep the pump and injectors running at safe operating temperatures. If fuel filters are clogged and restrict flow, impurities and debris will damage pumps and injectors. Therefore, you should change your fuel filters regularly. If possible, change your fuel filter every other oil change. It will be more convenient and easier to remember.

Keep Track of Fuel/Water Indicator

Either from the fuel station or through condensation from heating and cooling, water can go into the tank. Whether the weather is hot or cold, water reacts with it and make your fuel less efficient. It’s crucial to get rid of that water often or when the vehicle indicates your fuel/water separator is full.

Allow Your Car to Warm

If you are facing a cold weather, it is strongly advised to let your engine to warm up before driving. Because hot and cold parts of the engine expand at different rate, it could cause leaks in between the gaps of these parts. Moreover, warm up the engine will help the oil lubricate the system and work at maximum efficiency. Your car engine will operate smoother if you wait around 10 seconds to let it warm up before driving.

Change Air Filters

Dusked air filters will decrease fuel efficiency and reduce horsepower of your car. If contaminants go through the filter, some damage can happen just in a short time. Therefore, you have to check the air filter manually or, if equipped, check your air indicator. The frequency of replacing the air filters depend on the environment air condition of the areas you’re driving in. If you are driving in a dusty area, consider to replace the air filters more often.

prolong the lifespan of diesel engines
Dusked air filters will decrease fuel efficiency and reduce horsepower of your car (Source: BlueDevil Products)


Keep Revs Down

Diesel engines don’t need to be revved as high as petrol engines to get the maximum power and torque. Besides, high revs means that other components need to spin faster, which put more stress on bearings or belts. Therefore, keeping your revs down will help to prolong the lifespan of diesel engines.

Never Use Performance Products

Nowadays, there are many attractive products that claim to boost your car performance. It is personal reference for you to get one. But if you want to expand the life of diesel engine, do not get any of it. Famous car producers had spent so many years to test and finalize their engines. You do not need any extra products to go further the perfection. If you maintain the original engine well, it can work things out nicely without any upgrades.

Do Not Use Fuel Up To The Last Drop

If you try to be as economical as possible, using up the fuel tank is not a good option. In the bottom of the fuel tank, there are many impurities, dusts, and debris stacked over time. Using those fuel with impurities can cause damage to the engine system. So you need to refill your fuel when you have use half of the quarter left of your tank.

increase the lifespan of your diesel engine
Using up the fuel tank is not a good option (Source: blog.allstate.com)

Regular Maintenance

As in any problems, maintenance on a regular basis is a must. You can prevent further damage and replacements by getting your car checked frequently. Even a small problem can snowball into a big problem. If you are a mechanic yourself, you can clearly check these problems out and maybe fix it for your own. But if you are not that confident on your knowledge, find someone who is trusted or verified to check your vehicle. It will let your engine stay longer with you.


Diesel engine is a worthy investment if you can maintain it for a longest time. With its power, longevity and fuel economy benefits, everyone wants to keep it as long as possible. Follow the above 10 tips will help you prolong the lifespan of diesel engines. The one way that always work is maintenance. It is the key for every long life engine.