How to Adjust Projector Headlights – The Easy Way

Even if you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of car owner, you should know how to adjust projector headlights as it is highly likely that the need for it will arise. It is possible that your car has badly aimed headlights, or the headlights do not light the road as they should. The problem also occurs when you buy the aftermarket headlights and misalign them.

These wrongly adjusted headlights become problematic, especially in the night time where you get hit by the glare from the coming traffic. This also creates the chances of the accident since the other driver gets distracted by the wrongly planted illumination.

Getting the headlights right is the only solution to all the above problems. Thank God it’s super easy. Follow this step by step guide here on how to adjust projector headlights.

How to Adjust Projector Headlights: The Ultimate Guide

Headlights are pretty easy to adjust since they come with adjusting screws. This means by tweaking these screws, you can actually make adjustments to the alignment of the headlights.

The only thing you need to remember is the user manual. Since the headlights screws in all the cars may not be in the same place, it is advised that you operate with the user manual.

Now, let’s get started with the actual process.

What you will need

  • Owner’s manual
  • Flat parking surface
  • Vertical surface
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Carpenters Level
  • Note pad and Pencil

1. Level Your Vehicle

Level your vehicle. Once you have all the tools that you are going to need, find a space where you can stand your car on a flat surface. Make sure there is no extra weight other than the vehicle’s because that changes the level of focus of a vehicle.

However, if specifically carry loads or need to carry the weight while traveling at night, the same weight can be used in your vehicle. This will make the headlight adjustment right and practical.

Adjust the headlights using the adjusting screws
Align the aftermarket headlights correctly (Photo Source: carbuyerlabs)

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2. Choose a Vertical Surface

Once your car or truck is standing still on the right level, it is time to find a vertical surface as well.

The vertical surface you choose should be evenly built so it can reflect the light without getting distracted. Once you have the vehicle parked and the vertical surface or wall in front of it, get to the next point.

3. Take Necessary Measurements

When the car is pointing on a vertical wall, take the measurement tape, and measure 3.5 ft up on the wall. Mark this height by using black tape and draw a horizontal and vertical line.

The horizontal line should be equal to the length of the vehicle and draw the vertical line over the horizontal tape at both ends.

Use the adjusting screws to match the light with the mark on the wall
Check the malfunctioning headlights and replace them (Photo Source: ifeng)

4. Make the Adjustments

Take the car 25 feet away from the wall, get into the hood, and locate the screws from where you can adjust the headlights. At this point, you should consider using your user manual that describes exactly where you can find the adjustment screws in the engine compartment. 

Get on the first headlight and rotate the screw in a way that focuses the headlight on the spots you’ve marked. You need to do this with both of the headlights, and this way, you find the right height and point for your headlights.

Driving at night should not be a problem anymore. You can immediately give a try on the road and get an idea.

Getting Rid of a Low Beam Headlight

Sometimes, it happens that your headlights are located properly, but it is the low beam that makes it impossible to navigate the way clearly. In this case, you should consider replacing the headlight bulb.

The process is pretty straightforward that you can DIY the headlight bulb or take it to a mechanic if you want to.

You should first check for which headlight bulb is responsible for the low beam before proceeding. Read the Maintenance Tips and solve the most common issues of your car.

how to adjust projector headlights
Open the hood of the car to find the adjusting screws (Photo Source: youtube)

Sometimes, you notice that the one side lighting of the car does not work. In this case, it can be an electrical issue for that particular side. If you encounter any such problem, it is recommended to take your car to a professional and get the power supply in order.

Now, the lights on that side should work fine; if it does not, you can consider getting a replacement for the bulbs and check again.

Headlight bulb is responsible for the low beam before proceeding
DIY the headlight bulb or take it to a mechanic if you want to (Photo Source: themotorguy)

With time, your headlights can be misaligned and form problems in terms of illuminating the path. While working with the headlights, you should fill your gas tank and check the pressure on all four tires.

This lets you access the full power of the lights, and the tire pressure makes the light focus properly. While changing the headlight bulbs yourself, make sure to remove the wiring before proceeding further; also, disconnect the battery and be safe.

Always consider the weight you are going to load in the vehicle since it makes the front part raise a bit, and that can mismanage the headlights focus. Well, now you know how to adjust projector headlights the easy way!