Headlights Won’t Turn On – Don’t Panic, Fix it Instead!

The moment when you get ready for a ride but the headlights malfunction, it does not feel good. It may be both of the lights or one of them, in either case, it can be fixed. Well, trying again by turning that key is the easiest fix that can make the headlights working. When the headlights won’t turn on regardless of the times, you restart your car, the solutions take place.

Headlights Won’t Turn On: Reasons and Fixes

A non-working headlight is an ultimate pain when you face the need to drive in the dark. The night time makes it almost impossible to drive without a headlight. Even if one works, the other one that is non-functional make it unendurable. Before you drive any further, fix your headlights using these easy steps.

Lose Connection or Burnt Wires

The specific wires connect the headlights to the engine, and this way, the headlights receive the energy source. When these wires have a loose connection or if they burn out, headlights won’t turn on.

The fix: You need to access the area where the wire connects the battery and the headlight. Check for any loose connection or burnt wire and replace them or tighten them up.

Tighten up the loose wires to make headlights work again
Lose Connection or Burnt Wires can lead to non-working headlights (Photo Source: autoexpose)

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Damaged Relay

A relay is a part of the light system that is responsible for providing power to the headlights. Just like other components of the headlight, the relay can get damaged too. In this case, the car headlights won’t turn on. If you happen to encounter a problem with the relay, consider replacing it and check again.

When One Headlight Does Not Function

The above-mentioned solutions are obvious to follow when both headlights not working. However, if there is only one headlight malfunctioning, then the reason may be different. Such as the filament of the particular bulb has burnt that needs to be replaced.

When you can notice the bulb a bit bleached or darkened, it is a sign that the bulb needs a replacement. In this case, when you replace the old bulb, the headlight should start working finely. If it does not, then you need to switch to other mentioned solutions. Manage your car all by yourself with these easy Maintenance Tips.

A headlight can go malfunctioning due to several parts of the bulb itself and the wiring that connects it to the battery. Checking each part one by one may be the ultimate solution because it helps you determine which part has gone bad. Do check the headlight switch, wiring, module, or fuse, other than the bulb itself.

Inspect the bulb and its wires thoroughly for the problem
Notice if the bulb is dark or bleach in appearance, this halts the working of the headlights (Photo Source: latercera)

The Last Words

Fixing the headlight is a relatively easier thing to do if you are aware of the engine system to some extent. However, if you are a novice or haven’t handled any car’s technicalities before, it is best to call the professionals. So, these are some of the solutions one can follow when the headlights won’t turn on that we hope you would find helpful.