How Long Can You Drive on a Patched Tire?

The path of life is full of surprises, and so are the roads you travel across the cities and the countryside. Every driver knows that no matter how carefully they drive, the most unexpected thing can happen. Tire problems are common and you may need to patch it instead of replacing sometimes. How long can you drive on a patched tire

Tire puncture or flat tire is the most commonly faced issue that affects the tire. You may avoid disastrous accidents by being cautious but cannot stop the tires from getting worn out, which warrants fixing and patching. Are patched tires safe? How long does a tire plug last? Get your answers below. 

What is Patching and How Is It Done?

Patching is a method of fixing a flat or punctured tire by sealing the hole in the tire rubber with a patch.

To seal punctured tire rubber, the accepted procedure is to find the rupture and swab it with a soapy solution of water. Or, you may hold it inside a tank of water and look for escaping bubbles of air.

 how long do tire patches last
Wash with soapy water before patching. Source: Pixabay

The cut or punctured area is then prepared with a scraper or buffing tool and cleaning solution to make it suitable for bonding with the repair patch.

A vulcanizing cement is applied under the patch and over the inner liner of the tire. Put the patch over the puncture and stitch it all around. You can also roll and cover the patch with sealant before mounting the tire back on the rim.

A correctly patched tire will have a longer lifetime. Remember that you cannot fix a tire by patching if the hole is on the sidewall or its adjacent areas.

How Long Can You Drive on a Patched Tire?

The longevity of a tire is the aim of patching, and every car owner should know if patching will benefit them in the long run. 

How long do tire patches last? If an experienced and skilled person patches a tire, you can expect it to outlive the life expectancy of the original tire. 

Patching costs a few bucks only and hence, considered a worthy investment compared to tire replacement. However, if you have a worn-out tire, it is safer to replace it than opting for patching.


Is It Safe to Drive on a Patched Tire?

If you are concerned about your safety, remember that tires with a patch are better and safer than a flat tire. Flat tires cause inconvenience to the drivers and ruin the fun of a pleasant journey. Patching is a preferred way to take care of flat tires. 

Are you afraid to drive with a patched tire? Do not be. It is safe to drive with a patched tire, no matter how rocky or rugged the road is. However, if you love to speed up on the highway, better get the tire replaced. You can drive safely only by following the recommended speed limit. 

Professional Suggestions Regarding Patching Tires

Before you decide whether to patch or not, read these helpful tips. Following them will help you avoid mistakes during the repair and stay safe on the road. 

  • How long can you drive on a patched tire depends on the number of times you have patched the tire. According to automotive professionals, you should not retread a single tire more than three times, with having single patching on every one-third of the tire diameter.
  • Never patch on an area that has been patched already. Overlapping patches are not safe at all, and one must go for tire replacement in such cases.
  • Avoid patching on sidewalls and shoulders. Patching is not strong and durable enough to hold the area during high-speed motion.
  • Determine the size of the cut or puncture that has damaged your tire. Patching is the best fix only for punctures ¼ inch or less.
  • If you want to patch your tire, follow the instruction that comes with the kit. However, you should let a professional mechanic examine the tire if you are totally inexperienced. A sloppy repair job could be the cause of a severe accident later. 
How Long can You Drive on a Patched Tire
Follow instructions properly for the patching to last long. Cre: PKCV, LLC


Patching gives a new life to the tire and saves a good sum of money as new tires are expensive. It could be a lifesaver in case of an emergency because a patch can seal both slow punctures and blowout caused by any sharp object. A patching kit is inexpensive and you can recoup the cost easily since it extends the tire’s lifespan. 

How long can you drive on a patched tire? It will last for years if you take proper care of the tire and not being harsh on the vehicle by speeding up. Also, the fixing will last long if it’s done by someone professional.