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The Effortless Way To Deal With Slow Leak In Tire

In case, there is a slow leak in your car tire; then it would be a bit difficult to detect it, especially without any damage to the tire rubber. It would slowly lead to a flat tire, but with minimal chances of a blowout. Car owners should know that the issue of a slow leak in tire could affect even a new tire. However, if damage occurs in the rim of the tire, then trying to repair the tire at home would be futile.

How To Detect A Slow Leak In Tire

The in-built tire pressure monitoring system would notify the car driver about the low pressure in the car tires, as the tire slow leak would decrease the PSI. In case, your vehicle does not have a monitoring system, then a change in the driving quality would help in knowing about a tire leak. Besides, a visual inspection would help you determine if the tire is losing gas and going flat.

The important thing is you get to the source of the leak. We recommend that you browse online to know the best maintenance tips to keep your car tire running without any issues.

1. What Causes A Slow Leak In The Car Tire?

Your car can face a slow tire leak for many reasons including a nail in the tire, which can lead to a slow leak. The leak can also happen due to poor tire maintenance, and risky driving.

Some of the common causes of a slow tire leak include metal air valve corrosion, tire aging that leads to crack in the rubber, and wheel wear. The car maintenance professionals suggest that to prevent the slow leak in tire, you can keep the tire inflated, especially when driving in extreme weather. Also, you can also replace the tires once they show signs of wear.

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Metal air valve corrosion can be a rare cause

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2. Signs Of A Slow Leak In The Car Tire

To identify a slow leak in the car tire, you would need to pay attention to how the car tire performs. If there is a leak in the car tire, then you might face issues of flat even after you have replaced the tire, low tire pressure after long time parking, and low tire pressure in one of the tires. It is helpful if you want to know about how to fix slow leak tire in your vehicle.

3. Looking For Slow Leak

Soap and water, or water alone, can help detect the source of a slow leak prior to any repair. By mixing liquid soap with water in a spray bottle and spray all parts of the tire — tread, sidewalls, the valve stem and opening (with the cap removed), and along the rim on both sides — with the soapy water, you will find a spot where bubbles start to form. That’s the position at which the air is leaking. This should be easier to perform with the wheel off the car, but you might be able to find the leak without removing the wheel, especially in front, where turning the steering wheel exposes the inner sidewall somewhat.

A tub of water to dunk the removed wheel into is another method to find a leak. Bubbles will appear at the spot of the leak. If the tub isn’t large enough to dunk the whole tire, do part by part at a time.

4. How To Repair The Slow Tire Leak

The method for repairing a slow tire leak depends on the location of the leak, and the extent of the damage done so far. You need to remember that a car tire leak can occur due to a bent wheel, which might require replacing both the wheel and tire.

As the leak is not that easy to detect, it would be better to take it to an automobile expert for the complete evaluation. Always remember, slow leaks occur due to a serious issue with the tire or wheel.

 The Effortless Way to Deal with Slow Leak in Tire
Check the leaking location is the first thing to do

Pinholes and small punctures in the tread causing a leak should be plugged or patched. Large punctures cannot be handled the same way, and minor damage to the sidewalls or shoulders (where the tread and sidewall meet) typically calls for replacement with a new tire, as well. Valve stems and cores (the tiny valve itself, inside the tube) with leaks can also be replaced.


Thus, if you face the issue of slow leak in tire of your vehicle; then following the guidelines mentioned above would help resolve the issue.

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