How Are Bulletproof Tires Manufactured?

Security is a significant concern for many these days, especially diplomats and ambassadors of other countries. With a continuous threat to safety, the vehicles of these high-value individuals come fixed with armor plating, bulletproof glasses, and a sturdy vehicle body. One of the prime focus remains on how to give the vehicle bulletproof tires for complete protection.

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What Are Bulletproof Tires?

There is nothing like a bulletproof glass but only a bullet-resistant glass. However, one needs to remember that a shot, which is moving fast can penetrate anything. The primary goal of manufacturers while making a bulletproof tire is to make one, which can stop a bullet. At the same time, the bulletproof tires should remain effective when hit by a larger round. A big bullet can pass through anything. The manufacturing of the bulletproof tires depends entirely on what purpose the tire is for and what type of artillery it is supposed to deflect.

Story behind bulletproof tires
Bulletproof tires can stop bullets. Source: SolidSmack


What Type of Bulletproof Tire Systems are Available?

Now we will show you the different systems that will help you to understand What are Bulletproof Tires Made of and how they handle being shot. A thick and durable rubber is capable of deflecting small rounds until they hit the tire at a steep angle. However, large size and caliber bullets would be able to penetrate the vehicle tire, but we have four different options for handling the situation.

1. The Self-healing Tires

Self-healing Tires are designed to contain a material that will seal the hole made by the bullet. These come with a thick layer, which flows into and seals the holes formed by spikes as well.

2. Other Systems For Manufacturing Bulletproof Tires

Systems, which help pump air into the tire to keep it inflated and help the driver reach the destination. Some of these rely on the onboard air compressors as those found in the tractor or trailers. These utilize the hub to pump air into the tire, and then in hoses that lead to the tires.

There are specific systems, which allow the tire to function without air. These utilize the air pumps to maintain the air pressure in the tires. For example, in the Goodyear’s tire system, the bladders in the tires are equipped with check valves. These valves allow them to draw air in and pump the tire when the pressure is low.

Lastly, one of the ways to manufacture a bulletproof tire is to insert a solid ring around the tire rim to bear the weight in case there is less air pressure.

Is bulletproof tires still relevant?
Manufacturing bulletproof tires with new technologies. Source: HotCars

Summing Up

Finally, the bulletproof tires are an effective method not only to handle a bullet round but also keep the vehicle moving in rough terrain.