Seat Belt Safety: 5 Things You Need to Know

When a car crash happens, we never have enough time to react. Seat belt safety, in this case is the only thing that can save us from serious injury and death. If you are bucked up properly, you can protect yourself during unexpected case – a car crash. That is reason enough why no cars are manufactured without seat belts.

Facts Showing Us The Importance Of Seat Belt

Here are some statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation that will open your eyes to the effectiveness of a car seat belt. Mind you, your car’s frontal airbags can save you only if the front seat belts are secured.

In the year 2015, seat belts saved:

Estimated 13,941 lives of occupants aged 5 years and above

In the year 2015, frontal air bags saved:

Estimated 2,573 lives of occupants aged 13 years above


Extremely Important Things about Seat Belt Safety that You Need to Know

These statistics point out just how important a role this little mechanism plays in saving lives. This is why one can never emphasize enough the power of seat belts and restraints.

Here are the top 5 things you must always keep in mind:

1. Buckle Up!

Once you are on the road, even if not speeding up, the only thing that can save you in the event of a crash is bucking up. Seat belts have the ability to secure you to your seat when your car crashes. It saves you from being thrown off at the dash board or the windscreen when you are seated in front. If you are in the back, you are not thrown off against the back of the front seats. Such a throw, if it happens, can be fatal almost always. And, don’t ever rest your feet on the dashboard. You don’t want to end up crashing in the most dangerous position.

2. Air Bags cannot Replace Seat Belts

Seat Belt Safety tips and ideas
Airbags can work even without Seat Belt Safety. (photo source: Cottage Country movie)

Well, airbags can work without a seat belt, buy they cannot protect you without it. Lets’ see how.

In case of crash, the airbags open on detecting the impact. And, these, open up in a split second. In the absence of a securing force on you, the impact will throw you into to rapidly opening air bag. The result can be severe injury or even death due to pressure or choking.

3. Learn How to Wear a Seat Belt Properly

Every car maker illustrates the guidelines for using the seat belt correctly. Follow them as they are. Make sure that you secure the lap belt and the shoulder belt across the pelvis and the rib cage respectively. These parts of the body are most likely to take the impact when the crash happens. Make sure that the lap belt is tucked below your stomach, across the hip.

4. No Exceptions

Seat Belt Safety for kids
Seat Belt Safety is essential to avoid any type of injury (photo source:

There is no exception when it comes to wearing a car seat belt. Every occupant of the car must wear it, whether an adult or a child or an infant. Even if it is a minivan, all must be secured with a belt. Even expecting mothers must wear it. For kids, you must use car seats and seat boosters according to your state laws. And, you must ensure that even if you drive for a few meters.

5. Yes! There is a Right Fit

Yes, seat belt safety also depends on the right fit. Take it as some good driving advise – you must ensure that the belt fits you. In case you need a roomier one, please talk to the dealer for extenders. If the belt is loose, you can get an adjuster.

DO NOT ever place the shoulder belt under your arm or behind the back.

Making sure that the seat belts work, can add a lot to your safety. Make sure that even when you buy pre-owned cars, the belts are functioning well. If they are not, get them replaced before you get the car on the road.

Happy driving!