Seat Belt Won’t Retract: Follow These Easy Steps to Fix

The seat belt is one of the most important parts of the car in the means of safety. More than 80% mishaps take place due to the situation when the seat belt won’t retract. Now the question here arises is”how to fix a seatbelt that won’t retract?” Well, you will find it out here.

So, hold up to find out to find out the useful tricks that can retract your seat belt.

Nifty Tricks when Seat Belt won’t Retract

You can retract the seat belt in many ways. Here you will see the three sure shorts to retract your seat belt right now!

1. Dealing with Panel and Winder

In many cases, the retracted seat belt could be the reason for jammed belt blocking system. For that concern, gently take off the panel. You can take a help of any tool if required. Now move your hand towards the winder and take that out too. Now, you will notice that there’s a tiny plastic orb. This orb moves with the heaviness of stell-ball. The seat belt won’t retract due to the collection of dirt and having no lubrication between these orbs.

What happens when Seat belt won’t retract
All about Seat belt won’t retract

To make these orbs work properly and get back your seat belt, apply some oil or any available lubricating product at that portion. You can, in fact try a little jiggling though.

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2. The Up and Down Sliding

Even if you feel trapped and having thoughts of not reaching home tonight but, don’t panic. This technique will surely get rid of that retracted belt for sure. All you have to do is just slide the belt unevenly on the track. While doing this, pull the other side of the strap that would unfold it. If the belt doesn’t get back to its normal position, pull it a bit harder. You can even use pliers that would make unfold the belt easily and you are good to go.

3. Clean out the Dirt

You might have been driving your car for months or years. Imagine how any time the belt has slouched through your sweaty chest and don’t forget those dusty drives when the sun at its extreme heating level. All these reasons are enough to make the seat belt to load with dirt and become gooey. This is one of the reasons, why your retracting system has worn out. Now, the real question is how to fix a seatbelt that won’t retract?

Well, it’s easy as pie. All you have to take, a towel, small bucket (or any container), detergent, and warm water. Put the warm water into the bucket and add the detergent to it. Next what you are going to do is to lock the seat belt with the help of a clip and put the rest of the belt into the bucket of warm water and detergent.

Seat belt won’t retract problems
Issues when your Seat belt won’t retract

Let it sit for an hour and later squeeze as much moisture as you can. Use towel to dry the belt. You will see that the whole water has turned black which indicates that the dirt has been cleaned and the belt has become shiny as new. Now take off the clip and voila! You have rescued the seat belt.

Now, this is how you deal with the situation when the seat belt won’t retract! In the worst-case scenario, if none of these methods work, it’s better to take your car to the experts or use some maintenance tips as well.