7 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Car

Just because you have been driving for a long time or you have seen other drivers doing something don’t mean that it’s the right thing to follow. There could be so many things you are doing wrong with your car because you never really take the time to read the manufacturer’s instruction.

Things You Have Been Doing Wrong With Your Car

Driving is a task that requires your complete attention. You also have to follow the driving and road rules properly. Nevertheless, everyone develops some bad habits because they either don’t know or have seen others doing it. Here are 7 things that you are doing wrong with your car:

1# Having blind spots.

Doing Wrong With Your Car
You have to adjust the side mirror to fix the blind spot. Source: Shutterstock

You should not be able to see your car in your side mirrors. If you do, it means that your car has a blind spot, which it should not have. How to fix it? Follow these procedures:

  • Put your head to the window and tilt the mirror to the point the car is barely visible.
  • Repeat it for the passenger side mirror.
  • Put the head over the center console and see if the car is visible in any of the mirrors

2# Driving in someone’s blind spot

Similarly, you should not drive in your front car’s blind spot. The driver in the front car won’t see you if you line up with its rear tire. It could be dangerous because the driver won’t check when changing lanes or taking a turn.

3# Looking directly at the car in front

If you put too much focus on the car that is directly in front of you, everything else on the road will become a blur. In that case, all of your decisions will depend on what the driver of that car does, which could be dangerous. Instead, pay attention to the gaps between cars or look through the front car’s windshield to be aware of what’s going on around.

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4# Using your high beams in fog

It will limit your vision since the high beam’s illumination reflects off the water particles in the air. The effect is rather blinding. Just turn the low beams on in foggy conditions to let other drivers know your position.

Check this video to learn some more things that you have been doing wrong with your car:

5# Putting your hands at 10 and 2.

The recommended position of your hands is at 9 and 3 o’clock where the thumbs won’t be looping around the rim but will be placed along it. This position is convenient for controlling the car and safe too. Otherwise, a blasting airbag can clear the skin off your hand.

Doing Wrong With Your Car
The hands have to be at the correct position on the wheel. Source: CNBC.com

6# Revving a cold engine.

It’s another thing that you are doing wrong with your car. The action is particularly dangerous in cold weather. When you just start the car, the oil is still cold and does not lubricate all the parts properly. Doing anything rash such as revving or accelerating in that condition will cause excessive wear.

7# Braking with the right foot.

It’s alright if you are driving a manual car, but doing so while driving an automatic means that you are using just one foot for doing two things. Using left foot for pressing the brake pedal is the right way to drive an automatic car. If you are new to it, practice it first in a parking lot.