5 Modding Mistakes Owners Make On Their Daily-Driven Pickup Trucks

There are several reasons to use pickup trucks as a daily driver and there are enough ways to make it better. Unless you want to ruin your daily pickup trucks, don’t practice the common modding mistakes most truck owners do. Now, the pickup truck culture in the United States is popular than ever. This is because these trucks are not just bare-bone work vehicles, which they used to be.


5 Modding Mistakes Pickup Trucks Drivers Must Ignore

It’s true that pickups have evolved with the time, but certain drivers ruin their trucks in the name of modding. Well, I am not talking about dedicated custom trucks that perform a certain function. Let’s have a look at some common modding mistakes.

1. Big Lifts

There was a time when lifted trucks were in trends. They were unstoppable with nothing other than piles of snow or a 20mph corner. Earlier, lifting a truck for fun things like mud bogging was quite popular but this isn’t the case now. Today’s trucks are powerful, strong and expensive. Anybody installing $10,000 for lifting along with a suspension of $40,000, is driving through the mud a wise decision? Not really! Big lifts do nothing other than increasing the expense.

2. Aggressive and Big Off-Road Tires

Folks who drive on dirt roads, open countryside, trails, good off-road tires is crucial for traction. However, good off-road tires do not mean aggressive monster-like tires. Most folks who use these tires at first, and regret later on.

Such tires are ridiculously noisy on pavements with a bad exhaust system disturbing every creature around. Aside from that, such tires are extremely bad for dry pavement and wet areas. Now you are somewhat aware of the need to avoid modding mistakes for pickup trucks.

3. Giant Wheels

Awareness of modding mistakes
How to avoid modding mistakes for on-road benefits. Source: Alibaba.com

Honestly, this has the same effect on trucks as much as on cars. Big wheels suck horsepower similar to a parasite, but with cars, at least people have the option to use low-profile tire in order to improve the on-road performance of the car. This is why big wheels on trucks have low-profile for efficient off-road performance and too high-profile to offer legitimate on-road benefits for a minimum three-tonne vehicle.

4. Rolling the Coal

Believe it or not, even now, several diesel pickup owners love tweaking their trucks to roll coal. Trust me, such modifications generally reduce the fuel economy, which creates excessive of carbon in the valve train and further creating dirt directly into the engine oil. To show the smoke from your vehicles, rather spin the tires as others do.

5. Pipe Exhaust

Try avoiding modding mistakes
Reducing modding mistakes for good performance. Source: Yahoo Finance

Using exhaust for emitting smoke is a bad idea. The modern engines do not need you to create straight pipe exhaust as they work best with a bit of backpressure. Most often, such modifications reduce the fuel economy and horsepower on latest pickups. On top of that, the sound that comes out of this is not at all pleasant to the ears.

Modding a pickup truck is certainly a great idea but only in the right way. Try avoiding these modding mistakes to keep your vehicle efficient. In addition to this, use maintenance tips so that your pickup trucks offer the best performance for years.