Average Brake Repair Cost for Each Brake Problem

The brake repair cost mainly depends on the severity of the damage and the part of the brake that needs repair or replacement. However, the cost also varies given the model of your car and the charge of the auto repair shop.

Types of Brake Problems

So many things can go wrong with brakes! The problem might be with the brake pads or a broken brake caliper. Sometimes, the master cylinder or any of the individual wheel cylinders needs replacement. Besides, a problem can stem from a simple reason such as the lack of brake fluid.

So, the cost of brake repair will be different for each type of brake problems.

Brake Repair Cost for Different Problems

Let’s take a look at various types of brake problems and the estimated costs for a standard service or replacement.

Low Fluid Level

It’s the most common and the simplest of all brake problems. You just have to remove the cap of the master cylinder and fill it up with fluid. However, it requires a bit professional skill if the master cylinder is empty.

Pouring liquid into the empty cylinder will push air into the system. A professional mechanic can fix the problem by bleeding the brakes.

brake caliper repair cost

Photo Credit: PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum

Brake Caliper

A caliper is a part of the disc brake system. Because of their functions and placements in the engine system, brake calipers are exposed to a lot of heat, which is likely to weaken or destroy the seals inside them. Besides, they can start leaking brake fluid because of getting rusty.

The average brake service cost of a caliper replacement can be roughly anything between $135 and $1,625 or more depending on the charge of the auto repair shop. A caliper replacement often includes installation of new brake pads and a few other tasks such as torquing the wheels, replacing brake fluid, bleeding the brake system, inspecting brake rotors, etc.

Brake Master Cylinder

The internal and external seals of the master cylinder can wear out over time. It can cause brake malfunction to destroy the brake booster depending on the type of leakage and damage. So, based on whether you need to replace the master cylinder, brake booster, changing the brake fluid, bleeding the brake system of air, and other tasks, the brake replacement cost can be between $130 to $6,670.

master cylinder repair cost

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Brake Pad and Rotor

The brake repair cost of the brake pad and rotor replacement can range from $400 to $600. Most shops and dealerships bills “per axle” for brakes and the cost also varies depending on if you are using performance rotors or if your vehicle belongs to a high-end model.

The brake repair cost for an entire brake job can start from $750 and go upward depending on various factors. Regular servicing and check up on the vehicle can save you from costly repair jobs.