Why You Should Never Skip A Car Service

It is true that skipping car maintenance is not the end of the world. However, saving a little money at that time does not bring drivers any benefit, especially in long term.

Reasons Why Drivers Should Stick To Car Service Schedule

It is essential to give your car serviced regularly. Car is just like your body, the better you treat your body – the longer it lasts. So before you are about to skip a car service, this topic will tell you why you should not.

Extend Car’s Life

mechanic repairs car
Cars last longer if they are checked regularly (photo source: Shutterstock)

Car services can be troublesome sometimes, but the profits they bring are undeniable. They not only warn drivers about the dangers from vehicle mechanical errors but also improve your car’s longevity. If you enjoy driving a car with no trouble for many years, having car check on a regular basis is important. No one wants to spend money to change new car every 4 years after all.

Guarantee Your Safety

mechanics checking car
Early check can save money for drivers (photo source: Automobile Magazine)

Many car owners think they can understand their cars condition just by looking, but this is a wrong notion.

Vehicles need be checked regularly for reasons. Car service can determine the potential problems on your car before they actually can cause harms to drivers. To ensure the safety and the performance on the roadway, there are 7 major parts of the car to be examined: car engine, brakes system, driving system, electronic system, wiper, headlight and gearbox.

If there is a problem or two, it is essential to fix or replace car parts to your own safety.

Maintain Car Value

Saler good price
Check your car regularly to maintain car’s life (photo source: Wavebreakmedia/Depositphotos)

Car services not only extended car’s age but also prolong its value.

If the car has a good service history, it will be be more valuable when selling. The second-hand market is very competitive, and a regular condition checking car will be more attractive to every buyer.

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Save Money

poor oil engine
Changing oil engine can save drivers a lot of money (photo source: Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr)

This might sounds weird since you are spending cash to take care your vehicle, but the money you cost for not serving it over time is actually higher.

It is important to not skip any car service mainly because it can identify small problems of your cars before they become serious. For example, lacking oil engine can cause thousand of problems and destroy engines which can be very costly. However, drivers can solve this problem by attending the car service.  Since checking the engine oil is required in every vehicles examination, car owners can save more money and avoid serious issues in the future.

More importantly, your car might breakdown if drivers skipped too many car checks, which will results in a huge amount of money.


Car services are necessary, but the laziness of drivers can cost them much more than they think. So do not wait for your engine weird noises and get your vehicles check regularly.