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Are Drivers Having The Right Sitting Position?

Are Drivers Having The Right Sitting Position?
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Driving is not hard, to be honest. Driving with correct and comfortable position, however, is another story. Car owners are usually too focused on driving safely and forget to adjust their sitting. This is a serious matter since driving for a long time can affect neck, shoulder and many other body parts. It is essential for drivers to have perfect seated posture.

Guideline For Sitting Correctly While Driving

Sitting the right position not only reduces the possibility of body problem but also helps drivers to be more comfortable. In order to have a healthy body, here are the few tips from driver Stefan Claudiu David of BMW company:

Adjust The Seat

adjust by handle
Using the handle to adjust the seat for sitting comfortable

In order to achieve the right position, push the brake pedal as far as possible and depress the clutch fully. The perfect distance between pedal and seat must be able for drivers to rest their knees bent 120 degrees with fully depressed pedals.

If the knee is bent close to 90 degrees in order to brake, it means the seat is too close.  On the other hand, if drivers’ leg straightens when braking, the distance from the dashboard and back seat is too far. It not only makes the braking harder but also puts drivers in risk, since the pelvic and knees will be damaged when having sudden brake.

Move The Head Restraints

adjust Head Restraints
Adjusting the restraints improves sitting comfort

As simple as it might sounds, adjusting headrest pillow is extremely important. It helps car owners alleviate back pain along with neck pain. The good placement of the restraints ( if you have any) is the middle of the head. The distance from driver’s head to headrest pillow should be around 2.5 to 3 cm.

Take Your Hands On The Wheel

hand on wheel
This action will help drivers adjust the right position

The correct position for the steering wheel is 30 to 40 cm away from driver’s chest. While gripping the wheel properly, elbows of the car owners should bent 40 degrees. The wheel must be at the suitable height for drivers to observe the full view.

Adjusting the wheel distance not only makes driver more comfortable but also plays an important role in airbag activity.


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Notice The Two Mirrors

Rear view mirror
With this position, driver’s eyes will be able to see clearly

Rear-view mirror and wing mirrors are the powerful tools that provide vision for drivers. To be able to observe the surroundings from the driving seat, it is important to adjust your rear-view mirrors to a maximal visibility and a minimal overlap. On the other hand, the wing mirrors should be moved to a position giving full and broad vision to the sides.

Check The Seat Belt 

Seat belt
The shoulder strap should be adjusted to the height

Seat bell is used mostly for safety, but sadly not many people know how to wear the seat belt in an effective way. Rushing in wearing seat belt is one in many major mistakes of beginner drivers. When finished buckling up the belt, it is essential to make the second check. If the strap is placed on the neck, it is too high and drivers might get cut in the neck if accidents happen, while low position shoulder strap will cut car owners arm.

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