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Headed for a Car Parts Inspection? Here are 6 Most Important Parts

A car, whether it is brand new car or a used car, is by no means regular merchandise. It is an investment that you make so that it can provide you utmost utility and comfort. Your car gives you back more than you give it. That is why you should give it the care that it deserves. Car parts inspection is one thing that you must do regularly. This one, in fact, is one of the best maintenance tips that you mustn’t ever ignore. If you inspect the most important parts of your car regularly, you reduce the risk of accident substantially.

There is no particular day to do it, but there are milestones in your car’s career when you must stop and check. And, you must do it, not only to ensure safety, but also to extend the life of your car.

6 Parts that Need Regular Car Parts Inspection


If your car brakes fail, or malfunction, you know where you are headed, don’t you? You must never wait for the brakes to behave oddly to deserve a check. It deserves a due place in the car parts inspection. The screeching sound in the brakes tells you that the brake pad a due for a change. But, you’d rather not wait for it to happen. Have a professional check it for you every time you take your car for the scheduled service.


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This is one of the aspects that most car owners ignore in their car maintenance schedule. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important ones. Though most people wait for 4-6 years to see if they need a tire change, you must do it regularly. Do check the tread of your tire with a simple penny test and also, check if the pressure is okay. Buy a simple tire pressure gauge. The tire pressure keeps changing with the change in temperature outside. So, keep a track if it. Check with your car manufacturer for the right pressure. And, decide by the treads if you need to replace the tires.

Car Parts Inspection Process
Car Parts Inspection ensures that your vehicle conforms to safety.

Air Filter

If the air filter of your car is clogged, it will cause fuel consumption to rise. Besides, it will also affect the performance of the car by decreasing the horsepower. This can also take away the engines ability to run smoothly and may even stall it. Make sure that you get it checked during the due service appointment. It doesn’t cost much; neither the checkup, nor the replacement.


Talking of car parts inspection, the oil is responsible for making the performance of all other parts smooth. If the level of oil isn’t right, you car will not work right. Modern day cars necessitate you to change the oil every 5000-1000 miles, depending on their make (refer your car owner’s manual). With time, the oil become less viscous, contaminated with impurities, and at times too thin to lubricate the engine.

So, check it according to the distance prescribed by your make of car, and change it. You can change it yourself, of get a professional to do it.

Car Parts Inspection Specialist
An expert performs a detailed Car Parts Inspection.

Power Steering Fluid

Well, if you have had the experience of driving cars without power steering, you know the value of power steering. Power steering fluid is responsible for the smooth and balanced movement of the power steering. Lack of this fluid can lead to steering wheel failure. Make it a part of the car maintenance schedule and ask your provider to check it at the time of service. If you can do it yourself, why not!

Transmission Fluids

The helm of car movement and engine performance is at the transmission control. You must make sure that the transmission fluid is at the right level, and that it is not leaking. You need to change it periodically to keep the gear shift smooth and performing flawlessly.