Car Breakdown: The Things You Should Do During that Emergency

Millions of vehicles get into the streets every day and it’s typical for some of them to break down suddenly. The first thing to do during a car breakdown is not to panic, even if it’s your first motoring around in your very first car. You just have to follow some steps to get out of danger.

Car Breakdown: 4 Steps to Follow

Every breakdown is different as it depends on your location, the time of the day, and whether you are driving alone or with some friends. However, if you follow these steps, you can go home with your vehicle without any trouble.

Park the car off the road

You are driving along and jamming out to a Maroon 5 song, and suddenly you hear a sputtering sound and your vehicle starts behaving strangely! Well, the first step after a car breakdown is to keep your cool and not try to brake hard. Take your foot smoothly off the accelerator and try to direct it towards the side of the road. Whatever you do, signal your intention to the drivers driving behind you. If changing the lane is necessary, carefully watch the traffic.

Flash emergency lights

You will need to give signals that your automobile is in trouble and make it visible so that others don’t hit it accidentally. Alert other drivers about your car problems by putting reflectorized triangles behind the vehicle. Use emergency flashers and switch on the interior dome light. If the battery is dead, raise the hood and hang a handkerchief or t-shirt out of the window or tie to the radio antenna. It will send police officers a signal that you need help.

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Call for help

Look for the landmarks or sign boards to find out where you are, especially when you are driving through an unknown area. Figuring out the location will help you to guide you the tow truck operator should you have called them.

Wait inside the car and use your cell phone to ask for help. If you don’t have the number of any repair shop, ask for the police help. Remember not to open the door for any unknown person except for emergency personnel or a uniformed police officer.

car breakdown
Call for help as soon as possible. (photo source: eddiephotograph/Depositphotos)

Get out of the car carefully

If you can’t take the vehicle out of the roadway, get out of it and stand away. Wait until the help arrives. You should also get out and keep a safe distance if there’s any sign of smoke. However, don’t stand behind it because it can roll any time and don’t leave it abandoned.

Some Precautions You Should Take

Car breakdown comes without giving any warning. So, don’t let it surprise you. Keep some tools and equipment within the vehicle to tackle emergency situations. Keep a first aid kit, a charged battery, a flashlight, a spare tire, fire extinguisher, and water.