How to Complete a Tire Valve Replacement Job

If your tire is slowly leaking air, then it may be time for a tire valve replacement. Fortunately, tire valve replacement is easy and inexpensive. If you have the tire air valve replacement done by a mechanic, it may cost about $20-$30. Doing it on your own will only cost $5 and won’t take more than 10 minutes.


Step 1

To repair tire valve you will need tools like a replacement valve core and a valve stem tool. You can purchase them at any auto parts shop nearby you. You can locate a valve stem tool from its “+” shape.


Step 2

The first step in a tire air valve replacement is inspecting whether it’s leaking or not. Uncap the valve step and put a mixture of water and dish soap on it to see any signs of bubbles. Bubbles mean air is leaking.

How to Complete a Tire Valve Replacement Job

Step 3

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As soon as you locate the leak, deflate the tire. Remove the tire to accomplish the task with ease. You can’t repair tire valve when it’s attached since it means a huge risk. Use the valve stem tool to unscrew the valve, once the tire is deflated. Make sure there is no air left inside the tire. Always wear safety glasses when performing a tire air valve replacement.


Step 4

Now, use the end of the valve core tool to remove dirt from the valve stem. Remove all debris or any obstructions from the opening of the tire.

Step 5

Once again use the valve stem tool at hand to replace the old valve with a new one. You can use the same end that you use to remove the old core. You don’t need anything else to tighten the new tire valve. But, don’t tighten it too much. As you adjust the tire valve, inflate it within the limit.

With this, there ends the “how to repair tire valve” discussion. Don’t buy new tires when you readily repair tire valve from scratch. It will save you both time and money.


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